Winter solstice Great Conjunction report

I met up with Tae Ateh just before Samhain and we shared a 1p LSD tab right down at the most southern base of the Belinius leyline. We did this to explore the psychic cybernetic situations we were currently being entangled in and in particular counteract some of the recent manoeuvres of the alt-right. Needless to say we were quite successful in our anti patriarchal endeavours and managed to dismantle various positions of the alt right and traditionalist Satanists including various of the patriarchal heroes such as Crowley, P-Orridge and Burroughs, which we dubbed the Patrix. The fallout from these manoeuvres was some minor losses of Facebook accounts of various comrade Neoists, Discordians and other assorted far Left Communists – through 30 day bans and then permanent disabling on the US election day shortly after Samhain/ Halloween and then on the Inauguration Day, the Aquarius Capricorn Cusp in January.

It was around some of these concerns that we made our plans for the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction that occurred on the same day. While Tae Ateh and I had planned to do a tour of invisible graffiti of slaver statues and freemasonic landmarks (see ) ending with a return to the Tate Modern to complete a hexxxing we had begun with the strike of the hospitality staff there recently,  in order to hexxx these sites with Lettrist sigils and incantations. However the UK Gov announced a Tier 4 Lockdown a few days before solstice, no doubt they had become aware of the divers proletarian plans being made for the solstice and attempted to thwart these by sucking London into the fascist 4th dimension.

Fortunately our comrades from the Neue eXperimemte in Triolektik und Psychischer Arbeit (NXTPA)  and Federation Internationale Autonome Situationniste Contemporain (International federation of autonomous contemporary Situationists) (FIASCo) had already foreseen this and arranged a re-enactment of the London Psychogeographical Associaiton (LPA) and Archaeogeodetic Association (AA) visit to St Catherine’s Hill (see ). I contacted my comrades and rearranged so we could join them.

It was also clear to them, from their labours with the Luther Blissett League in London,  that the great conjunction was a cosmic game of 3 sided football and this was to mark the intergalactic  cup for 2020. The aim was to play the tournament at the maze on the hill, and enjoin with not just the stars and planets but also through e/mail and internet art networks to solicit dark data from matches and for these purposes we used a specially prepared tiktok account also. While the British government had banned any spectator sports, their Lenninist and Debordist recuperation and reductionism of anti-spectacular situationism (no spectators – except the state! Or in Debords case – no spectators except for the situationists!!) was avoided through technologically amplifying participation through the collective labour of ourselves and our comrades.

Usually DAMTP groups are consisting of 1 person associations – so while FIASCo is a 1 person group, NXTPA is an unknown number. To the unitiiated it could be any number even 2 or more. Infact it has 0 members, multifarious operatives. However I wish to introduce here a proletarian or situgraphical number system to recount members. If we think of situgraphical as a triolectical or base 3 system of counting we can say there are 3 numbers: 0,1 and (where ∞ signifies many and 0 signifies the 0riginal/ original – therefore the first member of any psyhcogeographical group is in fact the 0th and not the 1st. While this should please our Hurufiya or Asemics amongst us our Nuqtaviya comrades may wish for the number to .,0,1 – where the first numeral is in fact a “.” not as a full stop but as a (so-called) “decimal” point. At any rate, with a more situgrahical numbering system,  I think we can safely say that the NXTPA has only 1 member.

It convention that a coven is known as 12 or 13. King Arthur’s knights numbered 24, as does the British monarchy’s Order of the Garter. In order to avoid such reactionary masonic capitalisations we decided on 6 for the hex. However to take a triolectical situgraphy our number was ∞  as all couples are therefore thruples or indeed infinites in our system. A hex is thus 1∞ although Ultra Nuqtaviya innovations maybe of  -,0 and .  or even 0 1 -1, and in order to obtain Octonians 0, -1, -12 or 0, 1, 2/3

Considering all this, we could say that ∞ or sum (3) of us travelled by car – myself and Tae from DAMTP (ÐعŲM委п /DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique/ DعðŲ Miners психический 工人委 ال ) and also Tae from the Belarus Underground Anti Art Gallery. Our comrades from the NXTPA and FIASCo who also numbered ∞ came by train.

We met at Winchester Cathedral, a full hexxx, where we had a peak at the King Arthur’s table hung from the wall like a hunting trophy Christ.  We discussed scoring systems – the score as a predetermined – 1 goal only to be scored. Like a musical score, predetermined settled score. In this situation there are 4 combinations: 000, 100, 110 and 111. If we were to limit the scores to 0,1 or ∞ then there are 27 possible scores. The Nuqtaviya position might well be “-“, “0” or “.” scores and would begin the game in a negative space.

On our way to the Dongas and St Catherine’s Hill we discussed the recent us election and the maneuvers of the alt right – in particular the use of chaos majik by sections of the right – from the Eurasianists to the Cult of Qanon and Kek. Tae Ateh from the FIASCo presented us with the snowflake sigil as uncovered recently by London psychogeographers at the River Pool Linear Park ( ).  Where the star of chaos, still used by Discordians – but also by fascists such as the Eurasian Movement, has arrows pointing out in 8 directions from the centre showing imperial expansion), the snowflake has 6 arrows, in the formation of a 3sf pitch, but pointing inwards – to signify unity . We decided to put it to immediate use and vandalize the Winchester College gates with this letter.

As we approached the sacred Dongas a minor schism occurred with 1 Tae Ateh going 0 way and 00 Tae Ateh going 1 way. We were reunited at the maze and noted that scvhisms and isms don’t really matter, as long as the destination is the same we are bound to be reunited if successful. Fittingly, once we were atop St Catherines Hill we also met a hex of fellow witches gathered round a fire in the woods. We shared stories and jokes with them as we prepared for our games. Our number was now 12 as that of a conventional coven. We called Tae Ateh on the phone to make 13. Tae had been here in 1994 for the last conjunction – as part of the LPA and AAA trip. We were happy that our new local friends had also been here before, with the Donga tribe at the time of the resistance to the Newbury Bypass. We are confident that our majik therefore allowed full entanglement with the highest offices of the bourgeoisie.

Following the solstice Tae Ateh found herself visiting Tintagel in Cornwall the mythical birth place of King Arthur. From there they were drawn into psychic battles with the secret state via Crowley to a cottage in Zinnor where they used the snowflake sigil once again to counter the malignant activities of right wing and patriarchal chaos magicians. Finally it was revealed to her that NATO and the CPC would be staging a face 2 face confrontation on the summer solstice. It seemed her revelations were substantiated somewhat when it was revealed that the UK government is to host a G7 meeting which they are also referring to as D10.  this G7 – combining the allies and the axis power of ww2 has colonial states of India and Australia as well as South Korea. Clearly a preclude to the solstice confrontation.

So while our winter solstice intergalactic cup rages on, we decided to organize a series of games at sum selected sacred and profane sites around the red zone at Carbis Bay. As well as Tintagel, Nigel Ayers research into the Bodmin Moor Zodiac shows some of the spiritual energy lines that the bourgeoisie will be aiming to use for their nefarious genocidal plans and we have also identified some other sites, such as Goonhilly Space Base and indeed the Tate gallery in St Ives, where we will be creating 3sf situations of quantum Lettrist entanglement. But more on that soon.

Tae Ateh, Capricorn, Aquarius cusp, 13PC (2021)