心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi

Plan C Fast Forward: Towards a Reproductive Workers Council

I had wanted to do a psychic Workers session at the festival and had hoped to bring my children. None of that transpired but in the end I made plans with comrades to come and help with childminding but I was not much help as I needed looking after myself!

This was all ok as plan c had organised a good creche with activities and volunteer workers. the children wrote a play and this was performed by adults. the story displayed a good grasp of dialectics and it was good to see that dialectical and energetic materialism is being taught at a young age. if this work had crossed over into the political presentations and discussions then a reproductive and psychic workers council would be acheived.

but in developing as a reproductive workers union plan c is working well, the food and living spaces were good. but becoming effective psychic workers was not acheived – ie a workers council. antifascist activities were high on the agenda. this is of course the organising of destructive workers.

but whither the productive workers themselves? psychic workers represented across radical left political groups and positions were almost all white and it was no suprise that antiuniversity now were there – and no suprise that the same problems if not worse were amplified in plan c. (see my previous interaction with AU  now ). while its good there were some sessions on womens struggle and feminist interventions but still nothing on decolonisation or black struggle and am accompanying almost total lack of PoC in plan c. There was one presentation from Kurdish comrades  and some other discussions of the struggles ongoing at the borders of Europe but little or nothing from beyond the Eurocentric confines of plan c

and the session on feminist leadership of antifascist struggle was more about the tolerance of women in the antifascist struggle. most of the strategies to counter the sexism ingerentin the left was segregation – FANTIFA was mentioned, the womens strike … a conflict between destructive and reproductive workers charecterised as a struggle for tactics and a desire to move outside the simple meeting of destructive workers. however no structural ways forward.

There was some structural discussion on spoon social centres on the problems of personal and political conflicts and mediation and resolution. the struggle of reproductive workers over the destructive worlkers is crucial. eg how institutional racism of some centres eg sumac or LARC social centres were totally cut off from the working class communities they exist within: the failure of of psychic workers in providing the link to reproductive or productive workers. this is really what the relations of feminism and black power to the wider class struggle. the psychic workers favour destructive workers (typically white males) in the movement over re/productive workers (white or black women or black men excluded from much activist politicial ie psychic production). There was a general agreement about a need for cultural change.



the spectacular hollywood type communism sign shows well the weakness in the psychic organising. the LA hills, like olympus, house the gods. rather than seeing themselves as gods or vanguards and therefore falling for the same leninist trap as many of the national bolshevics young men allured by the party, psychic workers must be prepared to be lead and not lead. the invokation of san precario at the start of the spectacular procession – what psychic Workers call a monstration – demands comment. the burning out of the eurocentrism of san precario is just the cultural change thats needed. a psychic worker did indeed intervene at the head of the monstration and tore away san precarios clothing and banner.

details of terrorist plots being transmitted from level 2 – destructive workers ever present pressure on psychic workers in order to destroy reproductive work – require the psychic workers to create the correct intersectional organisation: reproductive workers and productive workers must be empowered along with productive workers at the point of psychic production.  this translates for groups like antifa that women and black people must not only be allowed to join but to lead psychic Workers organisations. Perhaps a clear intersectional class structure would have saved indymedia. A hack lab was certainly missing from the festival.

i took the san precario stencil to the nearby 9 ladies stone circle as i left the conference. no doubt our majik destructive working against psychic imperial reproduction will aid The End of the Age of Divinity and the production of a General Dead and destructive Psychic and Reproductive workers Association


Plan C Anti meta graphic