心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi




After 10 months of discussions by DAMTP, between ABRACADABRA, FIASCo, CLASS/ KLASSE, OKK, POLARIS, NXTPA, Asemic International and others,

communication on the organising was difficult , the organisers of 3sf world cup, Baader Meinhof did not respond to our open letter ( and consistently refused to engage with dialogue with us on the structure of the festival through either silence or ridicule. they had originally said that accommodation campsite would be provided by them but they withdrew this offer the day after discussions on the DAMTP list about flooding the stadium. unlike previous conferences of DATMP we had no clear funding but the 1person organisations ABRACADABRA and FIASCO managed to fund their respective busses and some assistance with individuals camping and other things was also provided

ABRACADABRA organised a bus from Alytus and FIASCo organised one from London – to converge on Kassel

OKK, POLARIS, most of CLASS and the Asemic International did not make it for various reasons – some political some practical, economic, etc. OKK had been conducting activities in Athens and continue to do so

the discussions could be categorised I think as a split between the art side (abracadabra), political side (okk, polaris and class) and the experimental/ esoteric side (fiasco, nxtpa). no one I am sure would really agree with this contention – and especially the labels – but I think it illustrates the point that I was the sole representative of a pov calling for a political analysuis and program of action.


Situgraphic element

DKP trimension

Worker union

DAMTP member















CLASS, OKK, Asemic International


The factions in the discussions which had gone on for nearly a year could be classified as above:

different groups and different individuals were moving from one category to another but mainly the factions continued with their agendas and mainly supported on e another in their differing objectives.

okk, polaris, asemic international – all involved in the discussions from an activist position did not attend – iww and other local activist discussions did not happen.

the anteh art faction were focussed on an intervention or situagraphical/ desakalapatragraphicalisation of Ben Patterson’s posthumous instalation

the anteh athletic faction were focussed on the entaglement game

while the anteh activist faction wanted to make a critical attack against both world cup and documenta art fayre.


The relationship to documenta was very different in the 3 factions. The athletic faction did not want to aknowledge documenta or visit it or intervene. The art faction colaborated with the art school and made an event which was part of documenta programme. The polical faction wanted to attack documenta clearly.


The shrimp commando had been planned a guerrilla offensive on the very fabric of the buildings of the neu gallery or documenta halle – we were able to get free tickets as we were programmed in documenta by the anteh art faction. However in order to get these free tickerts we would have to furnish the documenta with a list of names – and the art faction decided not to get these free tickets for the other members and factions of damtp. The art faction also did not want to support the shrimp faction and so it was the athletic and activist factions that spearheaded the shrimp commando op[ening of the olfactory offensive.



game as spectacle – art event. the opening of a new front is curtailed at the borders – the frame. the setting of goals – how to change a 2 sided pitch to a 3 sided pitch? Circling – hexing – the square. another problem is going from an 8 sided to a 6 sided configuration – we had this issue on the leyline peak but also at the luther and the avant-garde exhibition as well as the parthenon.

the parthenon game, labyrinth game and also the blind ben paterson game were 3sf interventions into documenta instalations. the parthenon game was stopped by the documenta security. allwere auto-recuperated into documenta. the confrontation with security at the parthenon too
but a clear critiue of documenta was also presented. the dead non human workers union aka shrimp commando was finally detourned from food (reproductive worker) to destructive worker. the location for this was discussed through the weekend with the neu gallery, freidrichplatz, documenta hall being put forward but in the end drifting around the centre of town the press centre presented itself.we also passed the “luther and the avant garde” exhibition and we discussed whether or not to open the olfactory and other fronts in this point. however we decided to go for the press centre instead…


NoOneIsIllegal kassel were present at the opening ceremony of the so-called world cup – petitioning supoprt for a mass demonstration in Berlin in september ( we supported their actions at the ceremony and we made our position very clear against the world cup: against nations, against teams, against hierarchical classificaitons. Against a eurocentric organisation – against a world cup . And for\? For creating a new way /s to play together – to come together – to fascilitate us coming together from around the world to continue, share and kearn from our experiments in 3sf.


Having had 7 out of the 14 teams registered to play we had any number of strategical options open to us. we discussed assisting the refugee team to win and also the mermaids team – being both representative of Women and Black proletarian nations. after all matches on the day all DAMTP teams came,predictably, joint 7th.

No One Is Illegal/ no human is illegal>>>>  no border no nation – all inspired the name of one of our temas: No One Is Luther Blissett…. and in the awards ceremony, while abracadabra, mermaids, atlantis and other teams all took part entusiatically i was glad to see that no one went up to receive a trophy when No One Is Luther Blissett team was announced. the next up was KLASSE and i was pushed forward by comrades

so i went up and took the world cup to denounce the awards ceremony and hierarchical classification of participants

i then tossed the world cup to the floor smashing the top. (the cup btw is not the world cup as held in Silkebourg – that has been retained in Silkebourg and goes to show the extent of the capitalisation and nationalisation of cultural capital in this instance). the cup was then repaired before being given to the so-called winners. i had spoken to them the night before and told them that they should not accept the trophy but share victory with everyone. this position was also criticised but in the event the so-called winners (as decided by baader meinhopf) decided to share the crown with another team also from london.


Having destroyed the world cup I was happy to help detourne the shrimp into the shrimp commando attack against documenta. A few weeks later their majik seemed to work when the spectacle of documenta started to unwind from the top down. No doubt the work of the comrades in Athens was instrumental in this.


In their statement the curators of documenta say they have no political power “as such” because they dont want to really get into how financial, cultural and political power are interwoven as it undermines what seems to be a call for autonomy of art while attempting to simultaneously critique art as a situation or mode of production…


now the artists in their statement of support for the curators, have ignored the workers exploitation altogether – at least the curators statement aknowledged that…! artists just went back to that neoliberal myth of progressive art against fascism. maybe that was the point of the politicians and media intervention

to shore up this myth

of art as struggling for its autonomy against capital and fascism


borgeois culture is in crisis anyway

like i said before – its not just financial but also moral cultural spiritual etc bankrupt

so at these points the spectacle starts to disintegrate into its constituent elements

poitics, art, finance – once integrated start to break apart


Yes. Well this statement seems to me to be a plea for the autonomy of art

not autonomy but maybe status of art

as a superior cultural form … in the time of pop art – art politics finance was integrated spectacle

now its disintegrating


Yes. Well in order for art to be political it cant be autonomous

yes i think art has today subsumed some aspects of politics as aesthetics

like walter benjamin said – fascism was aesthetics in politics. And communism responds by politicising art… but rather than communism it is neoliberalism that inherits “political art” ie the aestheticisation of politics…



The Culture Mile is a branding disaster, give us a democratic kilometre!

If the Culture Mile is supposed to attract international visitors to the City of London as a beacon of the arts, it’s clearly stupid to use imperial rather than metric measurements for this branded name. While one can see that the bureaucrats who chose this designation were trying to invoke the area’s half-forgotten nickname of The Square Mile, such fusty terminology won’t help them ‘half-inch’ renown as a major European cultural destination from elsewhere. Imperial measurements aren’t a part of forward-looking international arts zones, metric ones are!

As a way of trying to get their arts folly rolling, the City of London has announced a Culture Mile design competition called Summer Speculations: “Can you identify spaces and/or opportunities within the Culture Mile where we can bring ‘the inside outside’?” Reclaim EC1 made a number of suggestions for the Culture Mile in a previous post, but here’s another bright idea: given that the City of London is run on a uniquely undemocratic basis that differs from the political system of all other local authorities in the UK, we should install stocks on the Barbican podium and put the aldermen and those common councillors elected on business votes in them – so that they can be pelted with soft fruit. While the City is ‘turning the inside out’, and bringing tourists in from outside, we might as well have the final inversion of turning the world upside down!

If the City of London really wants its north-west corner to become a ‘cultural hub’ then it needs to modernise itself; unaccountable political and financial institutions and a thriving arts scene do not go together. Politically the City remains feudal and resolutely undemocratic. One of the four pillars of the City’s Culture Mile plan is to ‘celebrate history and community’, and there is no better way to do this than give its residents a genuine say in how the place is run! They certainly don’t have this at the moment with business voters from outside the area having an overwhelming influence on the make up of the local council. Establishing democracy in the City would be historic and actually do something positive for the community who live inside its boundaries! The first step towards a genuine local democracy is abolishing the business vote.

Like many residents of Barcelona and elsewhere, local people may well think that more tourism is not necessarily a good thing for their area; and that the City should be trying to reduce rather than increase the number of leisure visitors. Likewise many experience the ‘pop up consultations’ for the Culture Mile project as insulting. Those conducting them appear to know very little about the arts and wrongly assume the residents they’re talking to know even less. As usual with the City of London council, the point of the ‘consultations’ appears to be the rubber-stamping of decisions they’ve already made. If the Corporation actually wanted to hear local opinion holding pseudo-consultations outdoors is not the best way to achieve this, but then the City probably believes this is the most efficient way to secure a stitch-up.

Unity Is Length! Smash the Culture Mile! Give a City banker or lawyer a centimetre and they’ll want an inch! The City’s Cultural Mile actually falls short of its implied length and is closer to a kilometre! But the Corporation is still trying to sell this part of England by the pound and not the kilogram! Are City of London councillors on the square? You be the judge! We’ll be the jury! Together we can bring those holding out against democracy to account!

The final two Culture Mile pop up ‘consultations’ for now are:

Wednesday 16th August, 6pm, meet at Farringdon Station for a two-hour walkabout.
Thursday 24th August, 11am – 6pm, Smithfield Rotunda, Cromwell Place.

More from RECLAIM EC1

Open letter to Dynamo Windrad


Dear Fellow Workers,

Thank you for your hospitality in hosting us for the 2nd Worldcup
of 3-sided football

We want to make some points about this event - and some suggestions 
to you on the organisation

the internationalist, progressive and socialist spirit of the 
rosecrucian manifestos published in kassel 400 years ago is today 
evident in a wholly corrupted and reactionary form of the european 
union. coming from london at a time of brexitted degeneration of this 
corrupted dream we  write to you with the benefit of our industrial 
union of psychic,  reproductive and destructive non-workers formed by 
some of those who have been developing the form of 3 sided football 
since the very first time it was publicly played in 1993. 



We the living bloodline descendants of the Gweagle Clan of the Dharawal Tribe are at law the rightful owners of all artefacts produced or originating on Gweagle territory or in possession of our ancestors. We do mandate that it is our Will that all artefacts and human remains belonging to, and found on the territories of the Gweagle Clan are returned into the possession of the Gweagle People forthwith.

The lands of the Dharawal Tribe encompass the areas now known as ‘Botany Bay (Kurnell Peninsula) and the southern geographic areas of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Our Dharawal tribal territory spans the areas between the Cooks and Georges River, south to the Port Hacking estuary and westwards towards Liverpool.

According to our law it is culturally and spiritually imperative that artefacts that come from our country, stay on our country, this is according to the ancient Dharawal law which has existed in our land from time immemorial and in fulfilment of our Gweagal ancestors customs and law.

It is our Will and the Will of the Clan that all Gweagle artefacts are kept on Gweagal Country and do not leave the shores of Australia under any circumstances whatsoever without express permission from the Elders of the Gweagle tribe.

All Artefacts currently held MUST be returned.

These artefacts prove that Australia was invaded without permission of the Original People of this land.


An account of Cook’s landing in 1770 Passed on through Oral Traditions of the Gweagle Clan of the Dharawal Tribe from the Sydney Region

On the 29th of april 1770 aboriginal people were camped in huts all around kamay botany bay they watched as captain cook and crew sailed into the harbour and drop anchor. on the southern shore of the bay were members of the gweagal who stood there as capt cook with armed marines get closer and closer to the shore until most of them run away leaving 2 brave gweagal warriors

shouting wirra wirra wai and waving there spears against the 30 to 40 men in the 2 boats a reply of we only want water we mean you no harm comes from the boats
the 2 gweagal warriors shouted waving there spears wirra wirra wai

neither groups could understand eachother and
thats the moment when cook shoots at the 2 warriors 1 of them dropping some spears but quickly picking them up again but that didnt scare the warriors they began shouting and waving the spears

again, cook fires another shot this time hitting 1 of the warriors thats when the warrior who was shot retreats back to his hut to get his shield.

when he gets back cook has landed on the shore and the 2 gweagal warriors fire spears at cook and his party cook responds by firing more shots at the warriors and another spear was thrown.

outnumbered by many they were forced to retreat and the shield was dropped leaving cook and his crew to walk the beach freely taking the shield

after throwing some cloth a few strings beads and ribbons into a hut where scared children are hiding
they took forty to fifty spears then returned to the ship to unload the artifacts

capt cook and the Endevour stayed in Kamay botany bay for 8 days collecting plants shooting birds and other animals to take back to England

after that first battle between cook and the Gweagal warriors
cook and his crew were never able to make contact with any aboriginal people

they watched but mostly ignored cook and his crew never getting too close

the story of that day in 1770 and the name of one of the warriors has been passed down generation to generation Amongst the people of Kamay (Botany Bay)

it is the first known battle between europeans and aboriginal people of Australia.

Springtime for Heidegger and Philosophy – Winter for Reason and Sense


Across the world, Heideggerism has been adapted to local needs such as Alexander Dugin’s Eurasianism or even the strange hybrid of Theocratic-National-Bolshevism which came to power in Iran as Political Islam. However in England it has taken the form of Bourgeois-Christian Heideggerism. This English version may not be the most dangerous manifestation, however it is that which we most directly encounter here. Theresa May has become intoxicated with the “Führer-prinzip”, publicly day-dreaming of a world dominated by a new Anglo-American alliance. Obnoxious as this may be, the American president, at whose heels she snaps, will trump any new miseries she is able to foist upon us. This new form of English Heideggerism is not really philosophical – rather it is German philosophy wrapped in the demagoguery of French politics and finally marketed with the English economic zeal: that of a nation of shop-keepers. So much for “British values”. Despite its anti-intellectualism it is still rooted in existential angst. “Language is language” Heidegger mooted in one of his more “profound” moments. “Brexit means Brexit” echoes the Prime Minister.


May Day يوم العمال العالمي يوم العمل 劳动节、国际示威游行日 称五 Праздник Весны и Труда Монстрация Monstration or monster-action: demons-action الوحش العمل الشياطين الجر 怪物动作 恶魔牵引力 राक्षस कार्रवाई राक्षस कर्षण مونسٹر کارروائی شیطان کرشن



31st April: Unfools Day

Preparation of banners, slogans, songs, clothing

1. Writing: in different languages, mixed and overlaid
2. Asemic writing:
3. Super writing: metagraphy: cut n paste, detourned, copied, stolen images, texts, sounds, architecture and street furniture
4. Post writing: hypergraphics: letters in different languages, symbols, made up letters
5. Representational pictures and sounds
6. Abstract marks and sounds





31 апреля: День дурака

Подготовка баннеров, слоганов, песен, одежды
С помощью:

1. Письмо: на разных языках, смешанное и наложенное
2. Асемическое письмо:
3. Суперпись: metagraphy: cut n paste, перечеркнутые, скопированные, украденные изображения, тексты, звуки, архитектура и уличная мебель
4. Почтовое письмо: гиперграфика: буквы на разных языках, символы, составленные буквы
5. Репрезентативные изображения и звуки
6. Абстрактные знаки и звуки

31 أبريل: يوم القمامة

إعداد لافتات وشعارات وأغاني وملابس

1. الكتابة: في لغات مختلفة، مختلطة ومضاف
2. الكتابة الأسيمية:
3. سوبر الكتابة: ميتاغرافي: قص ن لصق، وفتت، نسخ، سرقت الصور والنصوص والأصوات والهندسة المعمارية وأثاث الشوارع
4. الكتابة بعد: هيبيرغرافيكس: الحروف في لغات مختلفة، والرموز، تتكون الحروف
5. الصور والأصوات التمثيلية
6. علامات مجردة والأصوات


1st May: Mayday

Monstrations originate in Russia is a public performance similar to a demonstration, but intended as creative performance art, often parodying a serious demonstration. The term was invented by Russian art activists to go into the streets and to show all the absurdity of the legitimated protest demonstrations such as the official Mayday parades.

Monstratsiya, monstration (from Latin monstrare – to show, demonstrate) – in the Catholic Church a variety of the monstrosity, intended for adoration – the non-liturgical veneration of the Holy Gifts consecrated during the Eucharist. Also used in Anglicanism and Lutheranism

Монстра́нция, монстрация (от лат. monstrare — показывать, демонстрировать) — в Католической церкви разновидность дароносицы, предназначенная для адорации— внелитургического почитания Святых Даров, освящённых в ходе Евхаристии. Также используется в англиканстве и лютеранстве

在天主教教会那种圣体匣,专为 – 圣体的崇拜,圣体圣事中奉献。在英国国教和路德教同时使用

في هذا النوع من الكنيسة الكاثوليكية وعاء القربان المقدس، والمصممة ل- التبجيل من القربان المقدس، كرس خلال القربان المقدس. تستخدم أيضا في الأنغليكانية واللوثرية

However we have developed the monstration away from the absurdism and towards focused revolutionary activity. The use of language in slogans and banners was the first focus – the psychic: using different languages: dress and chants and slogans visual and aural languages – but also languages of touch, smell, feeling, taste
. Subsequently, also clothing, touch, sound, taste, political orientation have all been explored as the physical and psychic terrains of the monstration. in this way the monstration can be seen as a constructed situation that can intervene in existing institutional and public situations.

we are not satirising mayday march – nor are we a bloc. We are the psychic workers obschina to the general union

1 مايو: ماي ​​داي

الشواهد تنشأ في روسيا هو الأداء العام مماثلة لمظاهرة، ولكن المقصود ك فن الأداء الإبداعي، وغالبا ما محاكاة ساخرة مظاهرة خطيرة. تم اختراع هذا المصطلح من قبل نشطاء الفن الروسي للذهاب إلى الشوارع وإظهار كل سخافة المظاهرات الاحتجاجية المشروعة مثل مسيرات مايدي الرسمية.

ومع ذلك وضعنا قد وضعت وحوش بعيدا عن العبث ونحو النشاط الثوري تركز. وكان استخدام اللغة في الشعارات واللافتات التركيز الأول – نفسية: باستخدام لغات مختلفة: اللباس والهتافات والشعارات لغات بصرية وسمعية – ولكن أيضا لغات اللمس والرائحة والشعور والذوق
. وفي وقت لاحق، كما تم استكشاف كل الملابس والملمس والصوت والطعم والتوجه السياسي كما التضاريس الجسدية والنفسية للحوش. وبهذه الطريقة يمكن النظر إلى الوحوش على أنها حالة شيدت يمكن أن تتدخل في الأوضاع المؤسسية والعامة القائمة.

نحن لسنا مذيعين مسيرة – ولا نحن كتلة. نحن العمال نفسية أوبششينا إلى الاتحاد العام


1 мая: Mayday

Монстрации, происходящие в России, являются публичным выступлением, подобным демонстрации, но предназначенным как творческое искусство исполнения, часто пародируя серьезную демонстрацию. Этот термин был изобретен российскими арт-активистами, чтобы выйти на улицы и продемонстрировать всю абсурдность легитимных демонстраций протеста, таких как официальные парады в Mayday.

Тем не менее мы развили уклонение от абсурдизма и к сосредоточенной революционной деятельности. Использование языка в лозунгах и баннерах стало первым фокусом – экстрасенсом: использование разных языков: одежды, песнопений и лозунгов визуальных и слуховых языков, – а также языков осязания, обоняния, чувства, вкуса
. Впоследствии, также одежда, осязание, звук, вкус, политическая ориентация были исследованы как физическое и психическое пространство монстра. Таким образом, монстрацию можно рассматривать как сконструированную ситуацию, которая может вмешиваться в существующие институциональные и общественные ситуации.

Мы не сатиризируем майдайский марш – и не являемся нами блоком. Мы – психические работники община общего союза



然而,我们已经发展出了远离荒谬主义和集中革命活动的观念。口号和横幅中使用语言是第一个重点 – 心理学:使用不同的语言:礼服和颂歌和口号的视觉和听觉语言 – 还有触摸,嗅觉,感觉,味觉的语言

我们不是在逢星期三进行 – 我们也不是一个集团。我们是普通工会的精神工作者

生育工作,心理工作的,破坏性的工作 超图,心理,心理学,地理学,
造影,间图表,超,图形,元 图形 现场 造影 假 逻辑 脑病 舍米
情况 合一,多种 空间,时间,类



reproductive work, psychic work, destructive work
hypergraph psycho geography graphy meta graph hyper graph meta graph
situation situ graphic pathical logical phonical chemical linguary
oneness multitude space time class

العمل الإنجابي العمل نفسية العمل المدمر
الخط الطبيعي مريض نفساني جغرافي الرسم البياني ميتا فرط رسم بياني ميتا رسم بياني
الموقع بياني كاذب منطق الم كيميائي حالة
وحدانية كثرة الفضاء مرة الفصل

репродуктивного работа, психическая работа, работа разрушительная
гиперграф психо география графия мета график гипер график мета график
ситуация Ситу графический логический химическая единство множество Время класс пространство

IWW Industrial Union of Psychic Reproductive and Destructive Workers 007/700
우리는 데이터 광부하고 심령 노동자의 노동 조합입니다
اتحاد عمال المناجم العمل البيانات ونفسية العمال
העבודה איגוד כורי נתונים העובדים מדיום
डेटा खनिक और मानसिक श्रमिकों के श्रम संघ]]
Εργατικό Ένωση Εργατών Ορυχείων Δεδομένων και το ψυχικό Εργαζομένων
Travayè Inyon an mineur Done yo ak travayè psychic



Tribute to Comrade Gustav Metzger – IWW 000 Dead and Destructive Reproductive Psychic Workers Union

Report from Art Strike meeting at Dartington, Summer Solstice 2010

Karen Eliot and I had planned to meet in Dartington so we decided to make it an open meeting as that weekend was both the Open Pop Star World Congress called for by Monty Cantsin as well as part of the month of remembrance for the victims of Foxconn such as Ma Xiangqian and Yun Li called by Students & Scholars Against Cooperate Misbehavior.
I was to traverse the so called “St Michaels” Leyline for much of the journey from Cambridge to Dartington. My son and I stopped at Stevenage on the line to pick up his mother and then met another Karen Karnak at Taunton further down the line before arriving at around midnight on Friday. My name Karen Karnak is of course a reference to the great pyramid at Karnak in Egypt and to the Hyperborean nexus at Carnac in France, chosen to disrupt the white supremacist designs of Evolan and Freemasonic groups that use the St. Michaels line. It was for this reason that evoL PsychogeogrAphix was summoned into being in Totnes in 2000 an event that the video Brown Julius in the Fountain of Modernism examines in some detail.

At Dartington, I happened across Gustav Metzger on Saturday and invited him to the meeting. He told me of a symposium where he was speaking as part of the Art Colleges final Festival before being effectively closed. I went along and met Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot there and we confirmed plans for the meeting for the following day. At the symposium, much of the talking was about the content of the art degree and how it would continue at Falmouth. Gustav however spoke about extinction – which he sees as the most urgent problem facing us – and that we need to get a 5 year plan in place to stop the ever increasing rate of extinction of species. He cautiously suggested also that this is a worse holocaust than the Shoah.
He left the symposium early and we walked over to the graveyard where the meeting was scheduled for the next day. I took the opportunity to clarify some issues. Firstly the arts worker coalition had not been involved in his art strike of 1977 – that was him alone – and it was not podsited as a strike but a withdrawal of labour. He also confirmed that he was involved with 1970 “International Coalition For The Liquidation Of Art” and mentioned that it was John Latham who passed on the invitation for this event although Latham himself wanted nothing to do with it as he was not political. The other main thing of interest was that he noted that the Art Workers Union nearly joined a Graphics workers union and that Gustav was pushing for this but the artists in the end decided against it.

I opened the meeting on Sunday by introducing the brief history of how DAMTP has been formed out of the Art Strike biennial of 2009 via discussions with the IWW. I also spoke on the continuing problems with Eurocentricity (Luther Blissett turning white, San Precario and Bifo’s Europe V2) which was evidenced in emerged in the original 1970 New York Art Strike Against Racism, War and Repression, counteracted at the time by Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation (WSABAL), who succeeded in opening the protest action to women and people of colour.
Monty Cantsin questioned the relevance of an art strike today. He posited Latham’s idea of the incidental person as how artists are not specialised as other workers are. While I cannot agree with that position because artists are indeed cultural specialists, i do agree that art strike needs to be superseded with a data miners and psychic workers strike – in concert with other workers strikes to create the general strike. Along with Karen Eliot, 3 other workers decided to join the DAMTP and we agreed that we need to formulate a manifesto or other form of clarification of demands. We also agreed on taking collective action in concert with other workers unions or groups. We invite contribution from you towards this task. Please contact us with any comments. The call for action against extinction is compelling and one linked to cultural / psychic action. We must link up with those cultural workers in other parts of the world who are defending themselves, their land and therefore other species against the destructive force of capitalism.

Capitalists have responded to the increased Proletarianisation of not only the working class but also peasants and sections of the bourgeoisie, by a dual private sector attack via food prices across the “3rd” world and public sector attack via ‘national debt’ reduction in the “1st” world. The response is not simply looking to pre-feudal (primitive communist) tribal forms of organisation but to strengthen our worker based organisation with those physical and psychic workers – paid, unpaid, living, dead and otherwise – to aid those workers in the “4th world” who need organisational support through our actions. The real contribution to human culture made by tribal organisation will be appropriated not through the regionalist villages of the Primitivists but in the context of free activity of humanity in a society without money, classes or states. Similarly the question of Dartington is not just ‘institutional’ but to do with control of the Land – which must be reverted to Labour and not Capital, cultural or otherwise.

We returned the next day via the “Chalice” Well at Glastonbury Tor. We passed the police gathering at Stonehenge later on. The question of unionising the police and army remains an urgent one.

Karen Karnak Summer Solstice 2010 (410)

عرس مبارک काल, पत्र देश URS MUBARAK Rahmat Ali, Cambridge

جمعرات محفل درگاہ رحمت علی چوہدری کیمبرج

This years Urs has been replaced by a extra special Mehfill Jume Raat ritual celebration at the shrine of Rahmat Ali Chaudhry in Cambridge. We will be communing with te Dead Workers Union of Laal Shehbaaz Qalandar after the ISI/ISIS/SIS attack at the Sehwan Sharif shrine in the Sindh in order to attack nationalism and imperialism.

Inqalabi Communist InterNatIonal (ICINI)

All LaBour Industrial uniON (ALBION)

Leave the EU

Leave the UK

Leave NATO


Down with ISIS ISI SIS

Down with all destructive workers power over reproductive workers.

Towards REproductiVe wOrkers and Labourers indUsTrial unION

More here:

Videos of previous Urs rituals here

5pm to sunset

Thurs 23 Feburary 2017

Cambridge Cemetery,

Newmarket Road

part of : Terminalia – Festival of Psychogeography



فتح تسجيل الدخول / الواقع خلل الإختراق البيان 開放登錄/現實毛刺攻擊宣言 open login / reality glitch hack manifesto открытая Логин / реальность глюк хак манифестом


فتح تسجيل الدخول / الواقع خلل الإختراق البيان 開放登錄/現實毛刺攻擊宣言 open login / reality glitch hack manifesto открытая Логин / реальность глюк хак манифестом
المستخدمين الكمال البيان perfect users manifesto 完美用戶宣言совершенные пользователи манифестом

by ÐŲMпال – DaðŲ Miners психический 工人委 ال


OPEN LOGINS/ MULTIPLE USE NAMES:>>>>>> email address
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表面web 2.0的控制由國家機構和公司(資產階級和共產黨本身)使用照片識別軟件來監視人員IRL以及在線 由算法還被公司用於預測和影響消費者行為和狀態與企業間諜之間沒有什麼區別。作為個人,我們受到鼓勵和控制,越來越多地通過社交媒體限制反應 限制影響力和友誼的圈子 – 通過強化角色裝甲,成為我們自己的陰謀,陰影和表徵。換句話說,社交媒體鼓勵個人關閉他們的頭腦。

身份是一種封閉形式的選擇性意識,基於文本和語言 對於民族主義意識(社交媒體)是至關重要的 由公司(美國或其他國家)控制企圖控制身份並將其限制在國家階段 因此控制可用於名稱中的字符和字體僅限於一種(國家)語言。 Facebook等網站嘗試通過提供有限的情緒調色板來限制情緒反應。

然而身份也是成熟的階級情境意識的基礎,但為了發展這一點,我們必須超越基於民族主義的資產階級身份的限制功能 不僅包括國家國家和語言 而且包括工業,工作,性別,種族,民族 以及任何限制性身份或性格定義。多用戶名/開放登錄項目旨在做到這一點。

首先,我們介入通用智力:通過共享身份,我們破壞對社交媒體的監控。標記自己為Tae Ateh(或其他共享身份)破壞了用於識別我們的面部識別算法。世界各地使用共享登錄的不同人員也破壞了用於預測和影響在線和離線行為的算法。

第三,我們擴展為工人階級:我們可以通過非人類工人識別更多 即生產手段 即我們正在使用和正在使用的互聯網和技術 資本家使用的資本可以通過我們的勞動。數據歸類,數據彎曲和數據moshing像混亂作用於計算機的完美。因為身份是二進制和十六進制代碼,放在一起使現實。或至少是它的數字版本。景觀。從一個地方移動一些二進製文件一些10的想法是另一個,為了偽造身份,使它看起來混亂,就像一個從現代性的金蘋果。我們將向您展示數據彎曲的方法。


標記自己在圖片 不只是人的照片

以下帳戶使用各種不同的開放名稱 包括Tae Ateh。我們選擇Tae Ateh,因為它是非性別或國家特定的。

我們建議您保留一個帳戶為私人使用。這是一個開放的渠道 向國家代理人,公司 像其他人一樣開放 – 而且對法西斯集團和其他新自由主義藝術家和活動家團體開放。

本文檔由(REVOLUTION一個只有一個成員的單人組織編寫:Tae Ateh – 一個多用戶名稱,在白俄羅斯由Asemic國際開始,但傳播到巴西,英國和其他地方,由Asim Butt,臭名昭著的人類學家穆斯林國家共產主義者Hurufi Lettrist無政府主義心理學家 從倫敦的每一個地下無政府主義者和硬左派組織驅逐出來 最近的是世界工業工人(IWW)的倫敦和劍橋分支,拒絕授予精神工人聯合會。然後,她共同創立了DAMTP,立陶宛的工業精神工作者和數據挖掘者國際聯盟,後來成為一個國際革命組織

  يتم الحفاظ على السيطرة على شبكة الإنترنت سطح 2.0 لاجهزة الدولة والشركات البرجوازية، وكذلك الحزب الشيوعي نفسه باستخدام برنامج التعرف على الصور لمراقبة الناس IRL فضلا عن خط reتستخدم خوارزميات أيضا من قبل الشركات للتنبؤ والنفوذ المستهلك السلوك، وهناك فارق كبير بين الدولة والتجسس على أسرار الشركات. كأفراد يشجعنا والتحكم في الحد من ردود أكثر وأكثر من خلال وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية الحد من دوائر النفوذ والصداقات لتصلب الدروع الشخصية وتصبح الكليشيهات، والظلال وتمثيل أنفسنا. وبعبارة أخرى تشجع وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية الأفراد لإغلاق عقولهم.
الهوية، وهو شكل مغلق الوعي الانتقائي، ويستند على النص واللغة وضروري للوعي القومي وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية كما تسيطر عليها الشركات (الولايات المتحدة أو غيرها) في محاولة للسيطرة على الهوية والحد منها في مرحلة وطنية وبالتالي السيطرة من الشخصيات والخطوط المتاحة للاستخدام في اسم يقتصر على لغة واحدة فقط (وطنية). مواقع مثل الفيسبوك في محاولة للحد أيضا الاستجابات العاطفية من خلال توفير لوحة العاطفي يقتصر على الرد.
لكن الهوية ولكن أيضا أساسا للوعي الظرفية ناضجة الطبقة ولكن من أجل تطوير هذا يجب أن نذهب أبعد من وظيفة الحد من هوية البرجوازية مبنية على القوميات وهذا لا يشمل فقط الدول بلد واللغة ولكن أيضا صناعة، وفرص العمل، الجنس أو العرق أو الانتماء العرقي وأي هوية أو شخصية تعريف الحد. تم تصميم المشروع لتسجيل الدخول المتعدد اسم المستخدم / فتح لفعل هذا.

أولا نتدخل على الفكر العام: من خلال تبادل الهويات نعطل مراقبة وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية. وضع علامات على أنفسنا تاي عطوة (أو غيرها من الهويات المشتركة) يعطل خوارزميات التعرف على الوجه تستخدم لتحديد لنا. مختلف الناس في جميع أنحاء العالم باستخدام دخول المشترك يعطل أيضا الخوارزميات المستخدمة للتنبؤ السلوك والتأثير سواء على الانترنت وغير متصل.
ثانيا نظهر مثل الأنواع إنسان: من خلال تبادل انتاجنا نحن، والعمال، وتصبح قادرة على التعاطف أكثر مع بعضها البعض. من خلال تبادل الهوية التي نستطيع القيام بها كل الخلق الآخرين، والعادات، والأفكار الحميمة، وبالتالي تجاوز فضلا عن تبادل منطقتنا.
ثالثا نوسع باسم الطبقة العاملة: يمكننا التعرف أكثر مع العمال غير البشرية أي وسائل الإنتاج نفسها وهي شبكة الإنترنت والتكنولوجيا التي نستخدمها ويتم استخدامه لاستخدام لنا رأس المال المستخدم من قبل الرأسماليين يمكن استعادته عن طريق العمل لدينا. Datamoshing، البيانات الانحناء والبيانات moshing مثل الفوضى المؤثرة على الكمال من أجهزة الكمبيوتر. منذ الهويات هي ثنائيات ورموز هيكس، التي وضعت معا يجعل الواقع. أو على الأقل نسخة رقمية من ذلك. المشهد. فكرة نقل بعض الثنائيات بعض 1S و 0s من مكان واحد تفعل شيئا آخر، وذلك لخلل الهوية وجعلها تبدو الفوضى، هو مثل التفاح الذهبي من الحداثة. ونحن في طريقنا لتظهر لك سبل البيانات الانحناء.

تسجيل الدخول إلى حسابك
تغيير صورة الملف الشخصي
تغيير الصورة شعار
تحقق من رسائل الدردشة والانضمام إلى المحادثات
نشر مقالات الأخبار المتعلقة الاحتجاج الشعبي وتنظيم في منطقتك
علامة نفسك في الصور وليس فقط الصور من الناس
تغيير اسم
تغيير اللغة
إنشاء وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية أو البريد الإلكتروني وتبادل تفاصيل تسجيل الدخول


عندما واجهت لمحة بلغة أجنبية تكونوا أحرارا من قيود اللغة الوطنية. أنت حر في الضغط على روابط عشوائيا أو من خلال لغة مختلفة: الرموز، hypergraphics، اللغة البصرية، واللغة العاطفية، intutition، فرصة.
عند استخدام / النص بالإرسال يرجى النظر في استخدام الموقع ترجمة لترجمة النص إلى لغة مختلفة. بهذه الطريقة يمكننا مكافحة الوعي الوطني وتوسيعه إلى الوعي الطبقي الظرفية الجماعي
استخدام الحسابات التالية مسميات مختلفة مفتوحة المختلفة بما في ذلك تاي عطوة. نختار تاي عطوة لأنه غير الجنس أو أمة معينة.
نحن نوصي على الحفاظ على حساب واحد للاستخدام الخاص. هذه هي قناة مفتوحة مفتوح لموظفي الدولة والشركات وكذلك الآخرين ولكن أيضا لجماعات الفاشية وغيرها من الفنانة والناشطة الجماعات الليبرالية الجديدة.
تتم كتابة هذه الوثيقة من قبل العمال الإنجابية وعشاق الصناعية الاتحاد (الثورة) – وهي منظمة يديرها شخص واحد مع عضو واحد فقط: تاي عطوة اسم متعددة العضو بدأ في روسيا البيضاء من قبل Asemic الدولية، ولكنها امتدت إلى البرازيل وإنجلترا وخارجها، و يتم استخدامه هنا عاصم بوت، وocculist سيئة السمعة مسلم الوطنية الشيوعي Hurufi Lettrist الفوضوي psychogeographer – طرد من كل الفوضوية تحت الأرض وتنظيم اليسرى الصعبة في لندن وآخرها فروع في لندن وكامبريدج للعمال العالم الصناعيين (IWW) الذين رفضوا لاستئجار نقابة عمال نفسية. إنها ثم شارك في تأسيس DAMTP الاتحاد الدولي للعمال نفسية الصناعية والتعدين البيانات في ليتوانيا التي أصبحت منذ ذلك الحين وهي منظمة ثورية الدولية مع محاور في الصين، سوازيلاند، وهايتي، وبنغلاديش، وبيلاروس، وأوروغواي وخارجها
اتصل بي:



контроль поверхности полотна 2.0 поддерживается государственными органами и корпорациями – буржуазии, а также Коммунистическую самой партии – с помощью программного обеспечения для распознавания фотографии для мониторинга людей IRL, а также на линии – алгоритмы также используются корпорациями для прогнозирования и влияния потребителей поведение и есть небольшое различие между государством и корпоративного шпионажа. Как люди мы воодушевлены и контролируются в ограничение ответы все больше и больше через социальные медиа – ограничение кругов влияния и дружбой – закалкой характера броню и становятся штампами, тени и представления себя. Другими словами социальных медиа поощряет лиц, чтобы закрыть их умы.

личность, замкнутая форма избирательного сознания, основан на тексте и языке – и имеет важное значение для националистического сознания – социальные медиа – как управляемую корпораций (США или другие) пытаются контролировать идентичность и ограничить его на национальном этапе – отсюда и контроль символов и шрифтов, доступных для использования в имени ограничивается только одной (национальном) языке. сайты, как Facebook пытаются также ограничить эмоциональные реакции, предоставляя ограниченную эмоциональную палитру, чтобы ответить с.

Однако идентичность, но и основой для зрелого ситуационного сознания класса, но для того, чтобы развить это, мы должны выходить за рамки предельной функции буржуазной идентичности, построенной на национализмов – и что включает в себя не только государства страны и языка, – но и промышленность, работа, пола, расы, этнической принадлежности – и любое ограничение личности или характер определения. файле / открытый проект Логин множественного имя пользователя предназначено, чтобы сделать именно это.

Во-первых, мы вмешиваемся по общему интеллекту: путем обмена идентичностей мы нарушить наблюдение социальных медиа. мечения себя как Тэ ATEH (или других общих идентичностей) нарушает алгоритмы распознавания лица, используемые для идентификации нас. Разные люди по всему миру, используя общий логин также нарушает алгоритмы, используемые для прогнозирования и влияния на поведение как онлайн, так и в автономном режиме.

Во-вторых мы проявляем как вид Человека: путем обмена нашего производства мы, как рабочие, становятся способными к сопереживанию более друг с другом. путем обмена идентичности мы можем взять на себя друг друга манеры, привычки, интимных мыслей и, следовательно, выходят за рамки, а также поделиться нашим собственным.

В-третьих, мы расшириться рабочего класса: мы можем идентифицировать больше с нечеловеческих работников – то есть средства самого производства, а именно – Интернет и технологии, которые мы используем, и используется для того чтобы использовать нас – капитал используется капиталистами могут быть возвращены через наш труд. Datamoshing, данные гибки и слэм данные, как хаос, действующей на совершенствование компьютеров. Так как тождества Бинарники и Hex коды, которые вместе взятые делает реальность. Или, по крайней мере, цифровую версию. Зрелище. Идея переместить некоторые двоичные файлы некоторые 1s и 0s из одного места делают другое, чтобы глюк идентичность и делает его выглядеть хаотично, подобно Golden Apple от современности. Мы собираемся показать вам способы гибки данных.

1. Войти в учетной записи
2. изменить изображение профиля
3. изменить изображение баннера
4. Проверьте сообщения чата и присоединиться к разговоры
5. пост новости статьи, касающиеся народного протеста и организации в вашем регионе
6. Отметьте себя на фотографии – не только фотографии людей
7. изменить название
8. изменить язык
9. создать социальные медиа или электронную почту и обмениваться данные для входа

когда вы сталкиваетесь профиль на иностранном языке, вы освобождаетесь от ограничений национального языка. вы можете нажимать на ссылки в произвольном порядке или через другой язык: иконки, hypergraphics, визуальный язык, эмоциональный язык, intutition, шанс.
при использовании / проводки текст, пожалуйста, рассмотрите возможность использования перевода сайта, чтобы перевести текст на другой язык. Таким образом, мы можем бороться против национального сознания и расширить его коллективного ситуационного классового сознания
следующие учетные записи используют различные различные открытые имена – в том числе Tae ATEH. мы выбираем Tae ATEH, потому что это не пол или нации конкретно.
мы рекомендуем вам сохранить одну учетную запись для личного пользования. это открытый канал – открыт для государственных агентов, корпорации – как и другие, – но и фашистских групп и других неолиберальных художника и группы активистов.
Этот документ написан (РЕВОЛЮЦИИ) – один человек организации только с одним участником: Тэ ATEH – имя многопользовательских началось в Беларуси по асемическое International, но распространилась на Бразилию, Англию и за ее пределами, так как она используется здесь Асим Butt, пресловутая окулистом мусульманская Национальный коммунист хуруфизм Lettrist анархист psychogeographer – исключен из каждого подземного анархистских и твердой левой организации в Лондоне – совсем недавно филиалы в Лондоне и Кембридже Индустриальные рабочие мира (ИРМ), отказавшихся зафрахтовать психические работники профсоюза , Затем она соучреждения DAMTP Международного союза промышленных рабочих и психических данных шахтеров в Литве, которая с тех пор стала международная революционная организация



the control of the surface web 2.0 is maintained by state agencies and corporations – the bourgeoisie and also the Communist Party itself – using photo recognition software to monitor people IRL as well as on line – the algorithms are also used by corporations to predict and influence consumer behaviour and there is little difference between state and corporate espionage. As individuals we are encouraged and controlled into limiting responses more and more through social media – limiting circles of influence and friendships – by hardening character armour and becoming cliches, shadows and representations of ourselves. in other words social media encourages individuals to close their minds.

identity, a closed form of selective consciousness, is based on text and language – and is essential for nationalist consciousness – social media – as controlled by corporations (US or other) try to control identity and limit it at a national stage – hence the control of characters and fonts available to use in a name is limited to only one (natinal) language. sites like facebook try to also limit emotional responses by providing a limited emotional palette to respond with

however identity is but also a basis for a mature situational consciousness of class but in order to develop this we must go beond the limiting function of  bourgeois identity built on nationalisms – and that includes not just country states and language – but also industry, job, gender, race, ethnicity – and any limiting identity or character definition. the multiple user name / open login project is designed to do just this.


Firstly we intervene on the General Intellect: by sharing identities we disrupt the surveillance of social media. tagging ourselves as Tae Ateh (or other shared identities) disrupts the facial recognition algorithms used to identify us. Different people around the world using a shared login also disrupts the algorithms used to predict and influence behaviour both online and offline.

Secondly we manifest as the Human Species Being: by sharing our production we, as workers, become able to empathise more with each other. by sharing identity we can take on each others manners, habits, intimate thoughts and therefore transcend as well as share our own.

Thirdly we expand as the Working Class: we can identify more with non-human workers – ie the means of production itself – namely the internet and technology that we are using and is being used to use us – capital used by capitalists can be reclaimed through our labour. Datamoshing, data bending and data moshing like the chaos acting on the perfektion of the computers. Since identities are Binaries and Hex codes, that put together makes reality. Or at least a digital version of it. The spectacle. The idea of moving some binaries some 1s and 0s from one place do another, in order to glitch identity and making it look chaotic, is like a Golden Apple from modernity. We’re going to show you the ways of data bending.


1. login to account
2. change the profile pic
3. change the banner pic
4. check the chat mesages and join the conversations
5. post news articles relating to popular protest and organising in your area
6. tag yourself in pictures – not only pictures of people
7. change the name

8. change the language

9. create a social media or email and share the login details





when you encounter a profile in a foreign language you are freed from the constraints of national language. you are free to click links at random or through a different language: icons, hypergraphics, visual language, emotional language, intutition, chance.
when using / posting text please consider using translation site to translate your text into a different language. this way we can combat national consciousness and expand it to collective situational class consciousness

the following accounts use various different open names – including Tae Ateh. we choose Tae Ateh because it is non gender or nation specific.

we recomend you keep one account for private use. this is an open channel – open to state agents, corporations – as are others – but also to fascist groups and other neo-liberal artist and activist groups.


ÐعŲMп ال (DAMTP) DaðŲ Miners психический 工人委 ال



نحن أنا تاي عطوة. تصبح تاي عطوة


ताए आहताए


тая атэх

تهئ عتهئ




perfect users:


Burn British Psychogeography: Terminalia Festival 2017



Public book burning of contemporary psychogeographical texts – against gentrificational and recuperational psychogeography on Castle Hill in Cambridge, the oldest site of Cambridge and key to the original Roman settlement – and of the legendary Cambridge ley-line. Fuel to the fire will be the double cross of the union and classics of contemporary BRITISH recuperational psychogeography of gentrification such as Sinclair, Self etc… The ashes will then be scattered through Cambridge on the derive that follows out descent from the ancient mound….

Midday, 23rd February 2017
Castle Mound, Cambridge

Part of:
Terminalia – Festival of Psychogeography
Thurs 23 Feburary 2017
A one day festival of psychogeography on 23rd Feburary 2017 with a number of free walks and events in Leeds and beyond.

Action by Cambridge Lettrist And Situationist Society – a one-person organisation with only one member: Tae Ateh – a Multiple-User name begun in Belarus by the Asemic International but spread to Brazil, England and beyond, It is being used here by Asim Butt, the notorious occulist Muslim National Communist Hurufi Lettrist Anarchist psychogeographer – expelled from every underground anarchist and hard left organisation in London – most recently the London and Cambridge branches of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) who refused to charter a psychic workers union. She then co-founding DAMTP the international union of industrial psychic workers and data miners in Lithuania which has since become an international revolutionary organisation with hubs in China, Swaziland, Haiti, Bangladesh, Belarus, Uruguay and beyond…