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Open letter to Dynamo Windrad


Dear Fellow Workers,

Thank you for your hospitality in hosting us for the 2nd Worldcup
of 3-sided football

We want to make some points about this event - and some suggestions 
to you on the organisation

the internationalist, progressive and socialist spirit of the 
rosecrucian manifestos published in kassel 400 years ago is today 
evident in a wholly corrupted and reactionary form of the european 
union. coming from london at a time of brexitted degeneration of this 
corrupted dream we  write to you with the benefit of our industrial 
union of psychic,  reproductive and destructive non-workers formed by 
some of those who have been developing the form of 3 sided football 
since the very first time it was publicly played in 1993. 

Firstly we must discuss the association with documenta which is 
undeniable and cannot be ignored. as you may know documenta, like the 
proto EU of ECSC, was started after the defeat of the national socialist 
party  in order to address the banning and burning of much progressive 
and innovative psychic production in germany at the time. it took the 
agenda of forwarding moderninst and avantgarde art. 
however this orientation showed then and still shows its neo-liberal agenda.

neoliberalism is the motor of the capitalist war machine that continues to 
decimate the planet through capitalist  gentrification and ethnic cleansing 
of the cities and all the planet, through climate change, species genocide. 
in solidarity with the g20 mobilisation we suggest a statement from yourselves 
distancing the event from the neoliberal art agenda of documenta.

secondly the idea of a world cup itself is problem for a few reaons:

The vast majority of teams in the silkebourg cup were european. it was thus a 
very eurocentric idea of the world.furthermore the world cup format promotes 
nationalist consciousness. even regional organisations do the same.

whoever wins in this world cup will promote national consciousness. this would 
be true even for the refugee team - already the myth of a progressive germany 
that champions refugees serves only to justify the european neo imperial machinations 
across the world and of course in europe itself and at its borders as frontex stage 
manages the murder of thousands in the mediteranian sea.

we therefore suggest that the scoring of the game break completely from the 1-sided 
method of linear counting of conceded goals leading to elimination finals.
there are various ways we could do this. one alternative is to adopt the triolectical 
scoring methods that have been developed by the Luther Blissett London League

alternatively we could simply decide that all teams would be declared joint winners before hand.

Finally we want to make the choice plain – between the past, present or future – 
between name, nation or situation – 
betweeen aristocracy, bourgeois or proletariat:
this triolectical situation is engendered by  

1 national socialism and the empires of east and west, 
2 the neoliberism and its recuperation of the rosecrucians and situationists or 
3 the realisation of the impossible: international revolution

we come to play: not to win or to lose but to overturn the spectacle
 through the creation of a new situation.