心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi





Every week thousands of poundsworth of food is illegally thrown away by each othe cambridge university colleges. this food should be given to the poor and homeless of cambridge. some of who are the very people who work for these very colleges in underpaid and overworked capacities. others are victims of the uinvieristies despotic control of land and land prices in cambridge and england. food banks and homelessness are a rising feature of this city and country and we demand that
those who have the power wealth privelidge to make change and who indeed benefit MUST PAY

we demand the university provide a venue where food be made available daily

we are wudu sufi mummers – foreign yet local, known yet guised, tradition yet innovation
– we are well aware of the role played by cambridge in the supression of the mummers plays of norfolk and suffolk and
we demand the release of these plays from the secret vaults at trinity

we counter the colonial racist mummers of the british colonies like usa and australia
and those reactionary mummers who incororate blackface and other racist actions into their rituals :
in the contrary direction we call on diasporic and international cultural workers and psychic and reproductive workers to join us

Today we face the reconsolidation of european imperialism with the USA UK and EU each squirming bombing and killing their way for their share of world power in the face of abosolute victory of the Communist Party of China. whoever wins the election it is clear that the working class of the world will need to continue to resist both the control and domination of capital on one hand and the state on the other.

We invoke the Vudu Loa and Igbo spirit PAPA OGOU or OGUN to our aid. Ogou was the Loa of Dessalines the fearsome leader of the Haitian revolution.

We also invoke Jhule Laal the Hindu river God and Sufi Islamic saint Lal Qalander to form along with the mummers, and the Gweagal clan calling for the return of the Gweagal Spear which is held by Trinity, we will produce a powerful psychic reproductive and anti destructive attack againt the forces of reaction, imperialism and capitalism!