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ÐعŲM委п win again: 3SF “World Cup” 2018 Shut Down

DAMTP capture the 3SF World Cup AGAIN!

You’ve won Redas.
The tournament is OFF.

I’m sorry but I can’t spend more time and money on this absurd situation. I didn’t know what happened in Silkeborg nor Kassel. Nor I was aware of all these problems regarding football and situationism.

If I had knew it, I’d never thought about organizing this.
My apologies to those who bought tickets to Madrid, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful weekend here, even without participating in a sexist and racist tournament.

I won’t reply anymore to mails on the subject.

Best of luck.


Il giorno 20 mag 2018, alle ore 10:43, Redas Dirzys ha scritto:

Dear Geoff and all arround,

what I said was  “3SF is different from football just because it has nothing to do with sports as specialization”… and it is different from what Geoff wrote comment of…. sorry

lets make it clear so in the future to have less (secret) grievances

Christopher, with full respect to all your empathy towards such diverse people and great management of things as there were in Kassel, I must say that there was the only thing what was broken and it was done intentionally by one of our allies just because he saw it as accumulation of capital… when at the same time it was a concrete work of our fellow worker/player… but it happens in our (psychopatic) society especially when we are doing things undone before… afterwards we had a sharp and painfull discussion which caused final disband of our community… But Kassel was not as bad as Silkeborg, where many of comrades were seriously injured (I personally know at least 4) and some of them intentionally – so far i know it didn’t happen in Kassell and I treat it as a great atchievement.

And about jokes – it was (and is) just a lighter way to say serious things which we all here intentionally (or not) trying to avoid. There is not enough just declare to fight rasism in such abstract way as fifa does, but the problem persits in structural rasism (we treat fascism and sexism of the same origin) which our comrades (mostly of non-european origin) have pointed as appearent in the tournamental structure of 3SF as well. This and some more of the issues are to be addressed and we are ready to write and to send our clear intentions for Madrid event. We invite everybody arround (who are coming or staying at home) to spend some time and to try to conceive what is really happening with 3SF and what are (y)our intentions to do in common with 3SF (besides winning a trophy).

with best wishes

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, 8:21:47 PM GMT+3, Geoff Andrews  wrote:

Dear Redas (and all),

I guess no-one ‘owns’ three sided football. With Filippo I’ve been organising Philosophy Football since 1995 and we have played in 21 international tournaments , most of which at least had a broadly progressive aim, for example anti-racism, recognition of anti-fascism and promoting peace and internationalism. In 2010 we played our first three sided football match in London in association with the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Since then we have played in Madrid, Bilbao, Rome, Silkeborg, and Istanbul where we played an impromptu match at midnight on Taksim Square in a break in the protests then taking place. We now play with others in the Luther Blissett League in London. So I don’t think we need lectures on what three sided football is or who ‘owns it’. We are against exploitaton but that also includes mistreatment and disrespect for the organiser who has put time and money into the event. If people want to play a tournament together it is better to have respect for the host, in the spirit of internationalism if nothing else.

PS The idea that it has ‘nothing’ to do with football is a bit bizarre to say the least.

Best wishes


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From: Redas Dirzys
Sent: 19 May 2018 14:05
To: Filippo Maria Ricci; Fabian Tompsett
Cc: Margarita Sokolovskaya; Strategic Optimism Football; thomas buesch; Philippe Zerr; Christopher Vogel; owen Proctor-jackson; Özcan Cezan; Maxim Afanasyev; geoff andrews; Ally Clow; ray bradshaw; 3sf info; Greg Morgiel; Jana Astanov
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT

Dear Filippo,

I’ve responded to your request not because of playing in casual football tournament (that i can do at home – there are planty of kind everywhere), but because you invited for the 3 Sided Football event (no difference how it was enlisted: tournament, championship, world cup etc.). Sorry to remind to you that 3SF was born not from football as such, but out of Silkeborg Interpretation as followed from Copenhagen Interpretation and in its essence is all about experimentation. 3SF is different from football just because it has nothing to do with sports as specialization and itself it is a critique of that specialization. So, if you want to organize football tournaments it is better not to use 3SF…

I’ve responded to your request because I know some people from the list of addresses above – SOF is included – they actually were present in majority of events, disputes and  movements where 3SF was involved during the last decade. And i fully agree on SOF arguments that your strict demand for clear affiliation to name, kit and anthem is closer to nationalism than to working class solidarity…

So far we apearently never met in none of those 3SF events in Alytus in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, neither in Silkeborg in 2014, nor in London in 2016, or Kassel in 2017… and probably there were many events i was not even aware of them – Madrid is a case to continue developing of 3SF together instead of trying to canonize it into a stuck structure. Sorry, but 3SF is about playing and including, but not about excluding by calling things you don’t like nonsense or bullshit.

And, of course, I always respected the rules – main rule of 3SF – the ball should be round. Even i loved your idea about burning ball which is still round…. and it fits well with my vision to play 3SF with black hole instead of a ball… or at least to try to do it with a fireball… sorry if it looks like a joke (I was actually warned that you are a person who never even smiles, but I never paid to it too much attention).

What’s about responsibility – its important not to harm any living being, to respect living, dead, productive, non-productive, psychic, reproductive and even destructive labor and not to care about such abstractions as capital (I think it is hardly attainable in casual football), but it is hard to be responsible for somebodies’ imagination … if we should worry of being responsible of it at all?

very bests/redas

and here is my telephone number – hope those numbers will soften the fear of the unknown:

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, 3:04:56 PM GMT+3, Fabian wrote:

Hi Filippo,

I am very upset that you have sent such a provocative email.

If you do not wish to deal with nonsense, then I would suggest you refrain from producing it yourself.

SOF coaching team:

There is only one quite pressing issue, which has delayed me in responding to you for so many days, namely all players are threatening to take strike action over an unsatisfactorily resolved industrial dispute regarding the production of their shirts.

This is an issue of working class solidarity, and such issues are always serious.


This is a football tournament. We will play football. If you come with other purposes, situationism, strike or other bullshit, please stay at home.

I would be grateful if you would retract this request.
all the best,


On 19 May 2018 at 12:29 Filippo Maria Ricci wrote:


This is a very important message.
We don’t know each other and after the messages from Redas and from SOF (you find it here, below) received yesterday it’s vital to understand what we’re aiming for in Madrid. I’m worried. If you’re joking, it’s not funny. It you’re serious, back off.

I’m putting a big effort in organizing this, lots of money and lots lots lots of time. I have no sponsor and no one is helping here. The venue (500 euros), the goals (240 euros), the insurance (180 euros), the balls (60 euros), the cup, the permission of the municipality are only some of the things I’m taking care of.

I’m the correspondent of Gazzetta dello Sport in Spain and father of 3: let’s say that I have a few things to do in my life. I had the idea to organize this cause I like 3SF and I’m passionate about it. But I’m not ready to deal with this nonsense.

This is a football tournament. We will play football. If you come with other purposes, situationism, strike or other bullshit, please stay at home.

You can’t take the piss on other teams and people who travel and expect to participate in a nice tournament in an international environment.

This email of SOF is not even signed. I replied asking who wrote it and got no reply. Others have taken ages to reply and someone is still pending. We need respect here, I’m seriously tempted to cancel everything but I don’t want to let other people down.

Please be responsible.

I want a phone contact of those who are coming, specially Redas and this mystery SOF (New Cross are also missing), if I don’t get it before tonight the tournament will be cancelled.

Take care


Hi Filippo,

Speaking from the position of the SOF coaching team, I can vouch for our presence. We will stay in central Madrid, in Calle de Barbieri, flying in Thursday eveningand departing Monday. The team shirts are multi-coloured. The team name is SOF (serious organised football).

There is only one quite pressing issue, which has delayed me in responding to you for so many days, namely all players are threatening to take strike action over an unsatisfactorily resolved industrial dispute regarding the production of their shirts. Whilst English law prohibits secondary strike action, as you will no doubt be aware, supporting other workers in their primary action is by now, in many EU countries, considered legal under certain conditions, exceptions being Latvia, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (and of course the UK). In Spain its legality has to be established on a case-by-case basis. The team are using this loophole to threaten action and under current law they are unfortunately under no obligation to inform me of their intent to strike prior to the commencement of any action. Therefore it might be wise if you were able to supply 5 stand-in players to take their place, should they refuse to participate.

All the best,


On 18 May 2018, at 15:52, Redas Dirzys  wrote:

Hi Filippo and all 3SFers,

after banning the non-human-workers (ie oxen team) from the event we at abracadabra had some daubts about our presence in it but finaly we decided to come and face it… especially as Filippo fairly noted – no situationism to be found in Madrid! – we fully agree – the hacienda must be burnt!

so far our team is multiply fractioned’n’merged – we are coming as:

el abra cadáver (5+1 players),
kit colour – burnt letter/(n)umber;
anthem – psykick letter burning ceremony (v. important and solemn ceremony in psykick worker’s materialist spirituality, must be respected).

we got a place to stay and will appear in Av. Plaza de Toros, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid at appointed time.

would be great to know other teams to come – seems not too much of “world”, but anyway we are coming to play exactly for the world (dead human, non-human and more-then-human workers of the world) and not for the cup so the name “world cup” for the event still fits well.

see you all very soon!
the venue – it’s fantastic! thanks, Filippo!

r.///el abra cadáver

On Friday, May 11, 2018, 5:33:40 PM GMT+3, Filippo Maria Ricci  wrote:

Hi all,

I can confirm you that the tournament will be held in the Plaza de Toros of San Sebastián de Los Reyes, a few kms from Madrid. Tube station in front.

This is the place.

See you soon,