心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi

Call for DAMTP ÐعŲM委п

Fellow reproductive, psychic and destructive workers,

We are preparing for the summer activities of DAMTP including the Asemic International, REproductiVe wOrkers and LaboUrs indusTrial unION, ABRACADABRA, CLASS, the London Psychogeographical Association and others. Please contact me directly or reply to this list for more info and discussion. Dx at


1. Printing of DAMTP ÐعŲM委п #18 and #19 + Mayday Monstration
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Date: April/May 2019


We will print the next newspaper in Pakistan in early April so the
deadline for any images, graphics, drawings, texts in any language etc –
is the end of March.

We will also conduct a Monstration in Lahore for Mayday

Please send me mailing address if you want copies posted to you or
anywhere else in the world

2. Drift between Botosani and Alinja
Locations: Various across Romania, Turkey and Azerbaijan
Dates: August 2019

We will journey around the Black Sea in eastern Europe/ western Asia in

Please let us know if you would like to join us at these locations:

A full map of locations is here:

1. August 12th – Botosani, Romania (bIRTHPLACE OF iSDIDORE iSOU)

2. August 13th – Vasluj, Romania

3. August 14th – Venus, Romania (embodying into a dream of Howard
McCalebb to arrange Venus project and Venus biennial in abandoned
megalomatic villa of former romanian dictator Ceausescu).

4. August 15th – Varna, Bulgaria (the place Benas Šarka – the one who
introduced clay as a class war tool to alytus psychic strike biennial
attendees in 2015 – wanted to attend there to meet Ivan Yotov the
promoter of cheapest kind of medicine of clay – the proletarian medicine –
and one of the founders of clay clinique on Crimea during the soviet union

5. August 16th-17th – Psychogeography in Edirne and Istambul (also
the place for somebody to join or for leaving out) and (possibly) Orgon
extraction event at the point were Europe and Asia have their supposed
intercourse… and some more…

6. August 18th – 21st – passing through Northern Anatolia, Turkey.

7. August 22-23rd – Nakhichevan (the possible point to leave from the
airport) and Əlincə (mind blowing practices in Caucasus mountains: D.I.Y.
sound event and/or URS and/or 3SF at the SHRINE OF FAZLALLAH HURUFI).