心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi


We the living bloodline descendants of the Gweagle Clan of the Dharawal Tribe are at law the rightful owners of all artefacts produced or originating on Gweagle territory or in possession of our ancestors. We do mandate that it is our Will that all artefacts and human remains belonging to, and found on the territories of the Gweagle Clan are returned into the possession of the Gweagle People forthwith.

The lands of the Dharawal Tribe encompass the areas now known as ‘Botany Bay (Kurnell Peninsula) and the southern geographic areas of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Our Dharawal tribal territory spans the areas between the Cooks and Georges River, south to the Port Hacking estuary and westwards towards Liverpool.

According to our law it is culturally and spiritually imperative that artefacts that come from our country, stay on our country, this is according to the ancient Dharawal law which has existed in our land from time immemorial and in fulfilment of our Gweagal ancestors customs and law.

It is our Will and the Will of the Clan that all Gweagle artefacts are kept on Gweagal Country and do not leave the shores of Australia under any circumstances whatsoever without express permission from the Elders of the Gweagle tribe.

All Artefacts currently held MUST be returned.

These artefacts prove that Australia was invaded without permission of the Original People of this land.


An account of Cook’s landing in 1770 Passed on through Oral Traditions of the Gweagle Clan of the Dharawal Tribe from the Sydney Region

On the 29th of april 1770 aboriginal people were camped in huts all around kamay botany bay they watched as captain cook and crew sailed into the harbour and drop anchor. on the southern shore of the bay were members of the gweagal who stood there as capt cook with armed marines get closer and closer to the shore until most of them run away leaving 2 brave gweagal warriors

shouting wirra wirra wai and waving there spears against the 30 to 40 men in the 2 boats a reply of we only want water we mean you no harm comes from the boats
the 2 gweagal warriors shouted waving there spears wirra wirra wai

neither groups could understand eachother and
thats the moment when cook shoots at the 2 warriors 1 of them dropping some spears but quickly picking them up again but that didnt scare the warriors they began shouting and waving the spears

again, cook fires another shot this time hitting 1 of the warriors thats when the warrior who was shot retreats back to his hut to get his shield.

when he gets back cook has landed on the shore and the 2 gweagal warriors fire spears at cook and his party cook responds by firing more shots at the warriors and another spear was thrown.

outnumbered by many they were forced to retreat and the shield was dropped leaving cook and his crew to walk the beach freely taking the shield

after throwing some cloth a few strings beads and ribbons into a hut where scared children are hiding
they took forty to fifty spears then returned to the ship to unload the artifacts

capt cook and the Endevour stayed in Kamay botany bay for 8 days collecting plants shooting birds and other animals to take back to England

after that first battle between cook and the Gweagal warriors
cook and his crew were never able to make contact with any aboriginal people

they watched but mostly ignored cook and his crew never getting too close

the story of that day in 1770 and the name of one of the warriors has been passed down generation to generation Amongst the people of Kamay (Botany Bay)

it is the first known battle between europeans and aboriginal people of Australia.