心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi

20 years of the London Institute of Comparative Vandalism

Workshop and open meeting of the Institute

at Raven Row Gallery, City of London

Summer Solstice weekend 9PC (2019)

20 years since J18 1999 We will look at various instances of comparative vandalism across London and beyond. Examples we will be discussing include Mayday protests in London, DSEI protests against the arms trade, Rhodes Must Fall, as well as Banksy and’s early 2000s campaign.

Add your own examples below and join us on the day to discuss past present and future actions

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