心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi

عرس مبارک काल, पत्र देश URS MUBARAK Rahmat Ali, Cambridge

جمعرات محفل درگاہ رحمت علی چوہدری کیمبرج

This years Urs has been replaced by a extra special Mehfill Jume Raat ritual celebration at the shrine of Rahmat Ali Chaudhry in Cambridge. We will be communing with te Dead Workers Union of Laal Shehbaaz Qalandar after the ISI/ISIS/SIS attack at the Sehwan Sharif shrine in the Sindh in order to attack nationalism and imperialism.

Inqalabi Communist InterNatIonal (ICINI)

All LaBour Industrial uniON (ALBION)

Leave the EU

Leave the UK

Leave NATO


Down with ISIS ISI SIS

Down with all destructive workers power over reproductive workers.

Towards REproductiVe wOrkers and Labourers indUsTrial unION

More here:

Videos of previous Urs rituals here

5pm to sunset

Thurs 23 Feburary 2017

Cambridge Cemetery,

Newmarket Road

part of : Terminalia – Festival of Psychogeography