心理地理学 psychoenzvimbo مريض نفسياجغرافي психогеография 心理地理 نفسیاتیجغرافیائی मानसिकभौगोलिक psychojuqraafi

Beyond the Öcalanian nation

We call for the immediate release of Abdullah Öcalan and present our critique of his recent texts including “Democratic Nation” and “Democratic Confederalism”. Öcalan’s ideas of the democratic nation vs the nation state, rather than clarify a basis for action, only serve to hide the real military objectives being played out. His thought creates a double dialectic between the national state thesis of a common language and culture vs a national democracy of a free willed association of people. The resulting matrix of syntheses collapses as soon as the free willed European communists move to join the PKK, travelling out the most fortified border of fortress Europe, at the same time as thousands of bodies of those those fleeing in the opposite direction, begin to fill the Mediterranean sea once more

Öcalan says that the democratic nation is the opposite of national democracy,. That the nation based on language and culture is the same as the nation state. – And opposed to this form of nation, is the democratic nation of the free willed association of peoples. This dialectic can of course only result in the synthesis of economically interdependent people who constitute a number of nationalities. This, rather that Öcalan’s undialectical definition, is the future concept of nation. It is based on a linguistic base: that of the letter, but rather than historically and ontologically independent, it is defined through interdependencies that are constantly changing but historically contingent i.e. dialectical.

The failure of the Öcalanian national dialectic the instability of their own concept of nation in the question of national politics in Europe is demonstrated by the communists and anarchists from Europe who have travelled to Kurdish regions to support the PKK. Öcalan who in his considerations of democratic federalism in the region doesn’t even mention Europe or the EU – only Arab, Persian, Kurdish and Turkish “nations”. so for those European – including British – communists travelling to Kurd regions, it is essential to note that they are travelling in the reverse direction to the mass movement of people into Europe. This “free association” of people has been historically and is currently opposed by most of these communists and indeed the labour party under Corbyn that they support.

Here in England, as various communists at least show some awareness and reject the national construct of Britishness, these same communists now are confronted with an Öcalanian national idea – an England that is not linguisticly based state but a democratic and free association of people. This they have rejected in the case of Shamima Begum who attempted to exercise freedom of association but was denied by the British government – and not only her but her baby also. The labour party or any other party has been unable to say that the English nation would be a free association of people regardless of linguistic or cultural contingency. The Öcalanian nation would therefore be Europe – but also conceivably the “white nation” – rather than the British state, with English or Germanic nations as constituent ethnicities. In our own context, the conceit of the Öcalanian nation is clear.

The reality of both the Öcalanian nation and the English nazbol communists as well as the corbynist labour is that of a national socialism that is more “authentically” socialist and also more “authentically” nationalist. In exactly the same Heidegerian sense of authenticity whereby the Nazis themselves were not authentic enough according to the architect of existential authenticity. The failure of both Öcalan and the left in the west to fully deconstruct European nationalism is what has lead to the mass idiocy over Brexit and the inability of the radical and revolutionary movement to amount a self defence let alone an attack on the far right at this time. After the end of the last world (war), Germany split into two – north and south, with the southern state carrying the main ideological and psychical power i.e. cultural capital. This state is now the only authentic nation and state. That of Israel. It was established in 1949, just a few months before the establishment of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat:  Peoples Republic of China.

The traditional form of nation, that Öcalan is correct in saying must be overcome, therefore became separated from land i.e. from space and time, as well as the body, individual and community. As The case of Ethiopian and other non European Jews shows very clearly, the basis of the nation of Israel is not Judaism but European lineage, in the first instance, and a performed and voluntary submission to national i.e. cultural criteria. This is the real and empirical use of the word nation – in relation to both language and individual / community identity – a classification or grouping of people on a common cultural basis that can be re/defined. This definition would include various other superindividualist and community constructs including gender and race.

If as Öcalan points out, the “one flag” of the nation state is vital to its health – this is the Isouan Letterist or Hurufi semiotic base of the nation – the Letter. These letters exist also for gender: ♂, ♀, ☿  , races are denoted by colours and light itself, so these are basic even before nations. we can also look at other linguistic bases for national or nation like constructs: industrial productions: similarly  ☪, ☫, ☬, ☭, ☮ or ☯ can invoke a (super-spacial/temporal) national state but it is their interrelation that must be based on directly democratic forms – the Confederalism of Öcalan is thus potentially just as oppressive as the state mechanisms it seeks to obliterate.

Just like the totalitarian current in the Situationists was revealed in their manifesto aims of taking over the UN, so is Öcalan’s with his position of replacing the UN with a confederation of democratic nations.
Severing the democratic nation from a fixed spacial and temporal location also explodes the question of dual or multiple membership of nations. Under the Öcalanian version, ethnicities, races (i.e. sub nations or proto Marxist sub classes) etc. would be recuperated under one democratic nation and dual membership of any democratic nation could not occur. This reductive and specacularisation is no less oppressive than the nation state in that the domination of spacial and geographical politics over economic or class politics is still apparent.

Öcalan then falls into the same Leninist and Bogdanovist positions of the right and left of Bolshevism. Political or cultural organisation (psychic work), armed (destructive work) self defence, womens liberation (reproductive work) all are distinctly and strictly separated from the economic organisation of the working class (productive work) that is organised through the unions and soviets. All this is, as argued above, down to this outdated notion of nation that Öcalan fails to overcome.

Call for DAMTP ÐعŲM委п

Fellow reproductive, psychic and destructive workers,

We are preparing for the summer activities of DAMTP including the Asemic International, REproductiVe wOrkers and LaboUrs indusTrial unION, ABRACADABRA, CLASS, the London Psychogeographical Association and others. Please contact me directly or reply to this list for more info and discussion. Dx at


1. Printing of DAMTP ÐعŲM委п #18 and #19 + Mayday Monstration
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Date: April/May 2019


We will print the next newspaper in Pakistan in early April so the
deadline for any images, graphics, drawings, texts in any language etc –
is the end of March.

We will also conduct a Monstration in Lahore for Mayday

Please send me mailing address if you want copies posted to you or
anywhere else in the world

2. Drift between Botosani and Alinja
Locations: Various across Romania, Turkey and Azerbaijan
Dates: August 2019

We will journey around the Black Sea in eastern Europe/ western Asia in

Please let us know if you would like to join us at these locations:

A full map of locations is here:

1. August 12th – Botosani, Romania (bIRTHPLACE OF iSDIDORE iSOU)

2. August 13th – Vasluj, Romania

3. August 14th – Venus, Romania (embodying into a dream of Howard
McCalebb to arrange Venus project and Venus biennial in abandoned
megalomatic villa of former romanian dictator Ceausescu).

4. August 15th – Varna, Bulgaria (the place Benas Šarka – the one who
introduced clay as a class war tool to alytus psychic strike biennial
attendees in 2015 – wanted to attend there to meet Ivan Yotov the
promoter of cheapest kind of medicine of clay – the proletarian medicine –
and one of the founders of clay clinique on Crimea during the soviet union

5. August 16th-17th – Psychogeography in Edirne and Istambul (also
the place for somebody to join or for leaving out) and (possibly) Orgon
extraction event at the point were Europe and Asia have their supposed
intercourse… and some more…

6. August 18th – 21st – passing through Northern Anatolia, Turkey.

7. August 22-23rd – Nakhichevan (the possible point to leave from the
airport) and Əlincə (mind blowing practices in Caucasus mountains: D.I.Y.
sound event and/or URS and/or 3SF at the SHRINE OF FAZLALLAH HURUFI).

20 years of the London Institute of Comparative Vandalism

Workshop and open meeting of the Institute

at Raven Row Gallery, City of London

Summer Solstice weekend 9PC (2019)

20 years since J18 1999 We will look at various instances of comparative vandalism across London and beyond. Examples we will be discussing include Mayday protests in London, DSEI protests against the arms trade, Rhodes Must Fall, as well as Banksy and’s early 2000s campaign.

Add your own examples below and join us on the day to discuss past present and future actions

comparativevandalism @

See full screen

Plan C Fast Forward: Towards a Reproductive Workers Council

I had wanted to do a psychic Workers session at the festival and had hoped to bring my children. None of that transpired but in the end I made plans with comrades to come and help with childminding but I was not much help as I needed looking after myself!

This was all ok as plan c had organised a good creche with activities and volunteer workers. the children wrote a play and this was performed by adults. the story displayed a good grasp of dialectics and it was good to see that dialectical and energetic materialism is being taught at a young age. if this work had crossed over into the political presentations and discussions then a reproductive and psychic workers council would be acheived.

but in developing as a reproductive workers union plan c is working well, the food and living spaces were good. but becoming effective psychic workers was not acheived – ie a workers council. antifascist activities were high on the agenda. this is of course the organising of destructive workers.

but whither the productive workers themselves? psychic workers represented across radical left political groups and positions were almost all white and it was no suprise that antiuniversity now were there – and no suprise that the same problems if not worse were amplified in plan c. (see my previous interaction with AU  now ). while its good there were some sessions on womens struggle and feminist interventions but still nothing on decolonisation or black struggle and am accompanying almost total lack of PoC in plan c. There was one presentation from Kurdish comrades  and some other discussions of the struggles ongoing at the borders of Europe but little or nothing from beyond the Eurocentric confines of plan c

and the session on feminist leadership of antifascist struggle was more about the tolerance of women in the antifascist struggle. most of the strategies to counter the sexism ingerentin the left was segregation – FANTIFA was mentioned, the womens strike … a conflict between destructive and reproductive workers charecterised as a struggle for tactics and a desire to move outside the simple meeting of destructive workers. however no structural ways forward.

There was some structural discussion on spoon social centres on the problems of personal and political conflicts and mediation and resolution. the struggle of reproductive workers over the destructive worlkers is crucial. eg how institutional racism of some centres eg sumac or LARC social centres were totally cut off from the working class communities they exist within: the failure of of psychic workers in providing the link to reproductive or productive workers. this is really what the relations of feminism and black power to the wider class struggle. the psychic workers favour destructive workers (typically white males) in the movement over re/productive workers (white or black women or black men excluded from much activist politicial ie psychic production). There was a general agreement about a need for cultural change.



the spectacular hollywood type communism sign shows well the weakness in the psychic organising. the LA hills, like olympus, house the gods. rather than seeing themselves as gods or vanguards and therefore falling for the same leninist trap as many of the national bolshevics young men allured by the party, psychic workers must be prepared to be lead and not lead. the invokation of san precario at the start of the spectacular procession – what psychic Workers call a monstration – demands comment. the burning out of the eurocentrism of san precario is just the cultural change thats needed. a psychic worker did indeed intervene at the head of the monstration and tore away san precarios clothing and banner.

details of terrorist plots being transmitted from level 2 – destructive workers ever present pressure on psychic workers in order to destroy reproductive work – require the psychic workers to create the correct intersectional organisation: reproductive workers and productive workers must be empowered along with productive workers at the point of psychic production.  this translates for groups like antifa that women and black people must not only be allowed to join but to lead psychic Workers organisations. Perhaps a clear intersectional class structure would have saved indymedia. A hack lab was certainly missing from the festival.

i took the san precario stencil to the nearby 9 ladies stone circle as i left the conference. no doubt our majik destructive working against psychic imperial reproduction will aid The End of the Age of Divinity and the production of a General Dead and destructive Psychic and Reproductive workers Association


Plan C Anti meta graphic



Protected: 3SF V FLA V CP

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The shameless opportunists at the richest and least democratic local authority in the UK AKA The City of London Corporation like to promote themselves as everyone’s friend, while endless stabbing those who aren’t ‘high net worth individuals’ in the back via their lobbying for ‘market liberalisations‘ that benefit the rich and rob the poor. To further this crooked agenda the City of London is now jumping on the Pride bandwagon:

The thousand-year-old City of London Corporation has announced plans to march at Pride for the first time.

The obscure-but-powerful organisation, which dates back to at least 1067, has governed inside the City of London’s Square Mile for centuries – and now governs much of the city’s businesses.

However, apparently being roughly a millennium old and bound by a string of archaic traditions does not prevent the body from being inclusive.

It was announced this week that “around 50 elected Members and staff” from the governing body will take part in this year’s Pride in London march on July 7, along with students from the City of London’s schools and academies.

Representatives from the City of London Police and the City Corporation’s staff networks will also join.

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chairman at the City of London Corporation, said: “City Pride, the City Corporation’s LGBT+ Staff Network, put forward the idea to take part in Pride this year.

“I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to get involved in this celebratory and colourful event that reminds everyone of the importance of inclusivity, diversity and acceptance…

…This year’s Pride in London parade has been rocked by controversy.

LGBT charity Stonewall has vowed to boycott the event after a fall-out with organisers – the first time in decades the group will have no presence at the city’s Pride celebrations.

Stonewall accused Pride organisers of failing to take concerns about race and diversity seriously.

950-year-old City of London Corporation to march at Pride for the first time by Nick Duffy, Pink News, 31st May 2018.

Those criticising Pride for ‘failing to take concerns about race and diversity seriously’ are likely to be less than impressed by some of the City of London politicians promoting the event, and in particular the councillor for Dowgate ward Mark Wheatley – who on 1 June 2018 Tweeted a link to City Matters news coverage of the Corporation and Pride, with the comment: “Proud to be able to join the celebrations in July.’

Last month Wheatley was the subject of negative news coverage that unfortunately failed to fully investigate both him and the political aims of the controversial Guildhall event he participated in:

The staging of an event intended to establish post-Brexit links with a senior far-right politician from Italy’s incoming government, and which was attended by business and political figures including Nigel Farage, has provoked a row within the City of London Corporation.

Organisers of the working lunch for Armando Siri, a senator for Italy’s League party, have been criticised for “rolling out the red carpet for the far right” at the event inside the City’s historic Guildhall…

Moves are also under way to review how council property is used after one of the City’s guilds, or “livery companies”, booked the premises used.

Those who listened to Siri’s presentation included investment fund managers, financial figures and political representatives. Among them was Elizabeth Green, a former marketing and public relations executive and one of the frontrunners in an upcoming election for sheriff of the City of London…

Mark Wheatley, a Brexit-supporting City of London councillor who facilitated the event, declined to comment.

Mark Wheatley (@MarkinDowgate) With a great group of business, political City and Livery people in Guildhall for Senator @armandosiri May 21, 2018

City row after Guildhall is used to host Italian far-right politician by Ben Quinn, The Guardian, 22 May 2018.

In this post we will focus on Wheatley’s hard right conservative politics – which have many parallels with Siri’s ideology, despite the former being a member of the Conservative party rather than The League – so we won’t go into the curious political agenda behind the Guildhall meeting in any detail here. For now we’ll restrict ourselves to saying that Wheatley sits on the ‘advisory council’ of Select Milano alongside a second City of London councillor Michael Mainelli, and Ian Bonny of The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (the organisation that appears to have hosted Siri’s Guildhall bash). Select Milano aims to outflank Paris and Frankfurt and make Milan the financial hub of the Eurozone in a post-Brexit world, either as a junior partner to the City of London, or its proxy. Wheatley doesn’t have anything like Mainelli’s status within the City and so his role in Select Milano looks like it is considerably less significant than that of this Anglo-Italian free market lobbyist. None of this was even touched on in The Guardian piece cited above or any other press coverage we saw of the scandal.

Anyone who scans through Wheatley’s Twitter profile will soon stumble upon a number of extremely offensive ‘political’ posts which are mashed up between family photos and links to kitsch pop hits of yesteryear. For example, on 18 February 2015, Wheatley posted a photograph of a monkey holding a chicken and captioned it: “Joe Biden?” At the time Biden was vice president to Barack Obama and it isn’t difficult to figure out which animal is supposed to be associated with which man. Incidentally such racist tropes can be traced back to anti-Catholic propaganda produced in Grub Street, which lies outside the City of London wall but that is currently included in the Corporation’s administrative area. It was the Irish who were initially portrayed as monkeys by the City’s bigoted protestant propagandists whose slurs were used to justify the massacres committed in England’s first colony by Cromwell and others.

Wheatley has a predictable line in baiting people currently fighting racism and reaction by claiming the real anti-fascists were those in the armed forces who fought against the Nazis. This kind of rhetoric is common among British right-wing extremists who wish to brush off charges of fascism. Since Nazism is only one among quite a number of competing fascist ideologies, fighting Nazism does not in itself prove one is not a fascist. From the 1920s to the present day there have been fascists who have opposed Nazism with variant far-Right ideologies.


Like classical fascists, the nouvelle droite and the more recent alt-right, Wheatley seems to like synthesising elements of the left and right but always on the terrain of the hard right. As long ago as the 1960s, figures such as Alain de Benoist, were developing ‘pro-LGBT’ and ‘anti-colonial’ fascist ideologies, which supported indigenous struggles around the world but were always most concerned with defending a mythical white European identity. Ultimately race is not real but is experienced as real because of racism: on the basis of his Twitter posts we can safely conclude this insight has evaded Wheatley. He is however willing to mobilise material critical of Nazism to defend today’s fascists. On 18 August 2017, Wheatley posted a picture of an English translation ofMendelssohn is on the Roof by Jiri Weil and said: “…this book is fabulous. It begins with Nazis removing a statue. #Charlottesville #america”.

In short, Wheatley uses Weil’s novel about the Nazi occupation of Prague to compare anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville to Nazis. This is what Wikipedia has to say about Charlottesville:

The Unite the Right rally, also known as the Charlottesville rally, Charlottesville riots, or A12, was a far-right rally that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, from August 11 to 12, 2017. Its stated goal was to oppose the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park. Organizer Nathan Damigo said the rally was intended to unify the white nationalist movement in the United States. Protesters included white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, Klansmen, neo-Nazis, and various militias. Some of the marchers chanted racist and antisemitic slogans, carried semi-automatic rifles, swastikas, Confederate battle flags, and anti-Muslim and antisemitic banners… On the morning of August 12, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency, stating that public safety could not be safeguarded without additional powers. Within an hour, the Virginia State Police declared the assembly to be unlawful. At around 1:45 p.m., a man linked to white-supremacist groups rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters about 0.5 miles (0.8 km) away from the rally site, killing one person and injuring 19. The alleged perpetrator, James Alex Fields Jr., was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Attorney General Jeff Sessions described the attack as domestic terrorism, and authorities began a civil rights investigation to determine if the driver will be tried under hate crime statutes.

On 2 September 2016, Wheatley posted about wanting to persuade his wife and daughter to allow him to call his son Xenophon. One doesn’t have to share Wheatley’s love of schoolbook level classical culture to know Xenophon was a student of Socrates associated with right-wing views and the favouring of oligarchy over democracy. Wheatley represents an undemocratic business vote ward in the City of London, so his publicly expressed desire to call his son Xenophon is unsurprising.


Given the anti-regulation mania of the City of London, many of its councillors are likely to share Wheatley’s taste for the nutty right-winger Ayn Rand, but most would probably refrain from posting a quote by this zealot on Twitter as the Dowgate councillor did on 24 November 2017. Wikipedia’s entry on Rand currently states that during appearances at the Ford Hall Forum: “she often took controversial stances on political and social issues of the day. These included supporting abortion rights, opposing the Vietnam War and the military draft (but condemning many draft dodgers as “bums”), supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 against a coalition of Arab nations as “civilized men fighting savages”, saying European colonists had the right to develop land taken from American Indians, and calling homosexuality “immoral” and “disgusting”, while also advocating the repeal of all laws about it. She also endorsed several Republican candidates for President of the United States, most strongly Barry Goldwater in 1964….”

Addressing Rand’s critical reception, Wikipedia notes: “On the 100th anniversary of Rand’s birth in 2005, Edward Rothstein, writing for The New York Times, referred to her fictional writing as quaint utopian ‘retro fantasy’ and programmatic neo-Romanticism of the misunderstood artist while criticizing her characters’ ‘isolated rejection of democratic society’. In 2007, book critic Leslie Clark described her fiction as ‘romance novels with a patina of pseudo-philosophy’.

Returning to Wheatley’s peculiar ‘anti-racism’, his tweet on 2 April 2018 – the day of Winnie Mandela’s death – revives memories of the way the Federation of Conservative Students baited anti-apartheid campaigners in the early 1980s with the slogan ‘Hang Nelson Mandela’. Wheatley’s update runs: “This (Dave Allen) joke did more to defeat #apartheid than all the horror of #winniemandela. It was not crushed by violence but fell through Western public opinion.” This is a classic example of a racist trope since it suggests the victims of racism were the victimisers, an inversion that was a key element of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda. It was apartheid regimes that were violent and not those who opposed them. Likewise to suggest Western public opinion rather than ongoing liberation struggles led to the end of apartheid is not only untrue, it smacks of a postcolonial ‘white man’s burden’.

Born on 4 June 1966, Wheatley is just old enough to have belonged to the Federation of Conservative Students before it was disbanded in 1986 because its extremism was an embarrassment to the Conservative Party. Wheatley may or may not have been a member of the Federation of Conservative Students, but his views reflect positions held at times by both its libertarian and authoritarian factions. While it comes as no surprise that Wheatley should achieve public office in the anti-democratic and oligarchical City of London, Pride really shouldn’t be accepting support from divisive figures like him or the undemocratic local authority with whom he is a councillor.

Pippa Henslowe.


Mark Raymond Peter Henry Delano Wheatley, Dowgate councillor and director of Parkwell Management Consultants. Was it Bob Hope’s love of the military that two years ago led Wheatley to move to the street in Eltham where this ‘entertainer’ was born in 1903? Tom Dyckhoff writing a Guardian property feature on Eltham on 22 November 2008 said Bob Hope: “thought enough of the place to help save the theatre (renamed in his honour) in the 80s. In fact, the burb’s seen more than its fair share of celebrity: Frankie Howerd, Boy George, Denis Healey, Jude Law, Louise Redknapp and Kate Bush have all passed through. It’s practically London’s Beverly Hills. The case against The shadow of Stephen Lawrence’s murder still hangs heavy. Don’t come here expecting cosmopolitan London. Watch for chronic rat runs.”


950-year-old City of London Corporation to march at Pride for the first time by Nick Duffy:

Mark Wheatley’s Twitter feed at Internet Archive:

City row after Guildhall is used to host Italian far-right politician by Ben Quinn:

Wikipedia on Charlottesville:

Wikipedia on Ayn Rand:

Let’s Move To… Eltham, South East London by Tom Dyckhoff:

Councillors cry foul over party politics in Guildhall by Jo Davy:

ÐعŲM委п win again: 3SF “World Cup” 2018 Shut Down

DAMTP capture the 3SF World Cup AGAIN!

You’ve won Redas.
The tournament is OFF.

I’m sorry but I can’t spend more time and money on this absurd situation. I didn’t know what happened in Silkeborg nor Kassel. Nor I was aware of all these problems regarding football and situationism.

If I had knew it, I’d never thought about organizing this.
My apologies to those who bought tickets to Madrid, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful weekend here, even without participating in a sexist and racist tournament.

I won’t reply anymore to mails on the subject.

Best of luck.


Il giorno 20 mag 2018, alle ore 10:43, Redas Dirzys ha scritto:

Dear Geoff and all arround,

what I said was  “3SF is different from football just because it has nothing to do with sports as specialization”… and it is different from what Geoff wrote comment of…. sorry

lets make it clear so in the future to have less (secret) grievances

Christopher, with full respect to all your empathy towards such diverse people and great management of things as there were in Kassel, I must say that there was the only thing what was broken and it was done intentionally by one of our allies just because he saw it as accumulation of capital… when at the same time it was a concrete work of our fellow worker/player… but it happens in our (psychopatic) society especially when we are doing things undone before… afterwards we had a sharp and painfull discussion which caused final disband of our community… But Kassel was not as bad as Silkeborg, where many of comrades were seriously injured (I personally know at least 4) and some of them intentionally – so far i know it didn’t happen in Kassell and I treat it as a great atchievement.

And about jokes – it was (and is) just a lighter way to say serious things which we all here intentionally (or not) trying to avoid. There is not enough just declare to fight rasism in such abstract way as fifa does, but the problem persits in structural rasism (we treat fascism and sexism of the same origin) which our comrades (mostly of non-european origin) have pointed as appearent in the tournamental structure of 3SF as well. This and some more of the issues are to be addressed and we are ready to write and to send our clear intentions for Madrid event. We invite everybody arround (who are coming or staying at home) to spend some time and to try to conceive what is really happening with 3SF and what are (y)our intentions to do in common with 3SF (besides winning a trophy).

with best wishes

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, 8:21:47 PM GMT+3, Geoff Andrews  wrote:

Dear Redas (and all),

I guess no-one ‘owns’ three sided football. With Filippo I’ve been organising Philosophy Football since 1995 and we have played in 21 international tournaments , most of which at least had a broadly progressive aim, for example anti-racism, recognition of anti-fascism and promoting peace and internationalism. In 2010 we played our first three sided football match in London in association with the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Since then we have played in Madrid, Bilbao, Rome, Silkeborg, and Istanbul where we played an impromptu match at midnight on Taksim Square in a break in the protests then taking place. We now play with others in the Luther Blissett League in London. So I don’t think we need lectures on what three sided football is or who ‘owns it’. We are against exploitaton but that also includes mistreatment and disrespect for the organiser who has put time and money into the event. If people want to play a tournament together it is better to have respect for the host, in the spirit of internationalism if nothing else.

PS The idea that it has ‘nothing’ to do with football is a bit bizarre to say the least.

Best wishes


The Shadow Man ??? <

Follow me on twitter @andrewsgeoff

From: Redas Dirzys
Sent: 19 May 2018 14:05
To: Filippo Maria Ricci; Fabian Tompsett
Cc: Margarita Sokolovskaya; Strategic Optimism Football; thomas buesch; Philippe Zerr; Christopher Vogel; owen Proctor-jackson; Özcan Cezan; Maxim Afanasyev; geoff andrews; Ally Clow; ray bradshaw; 3sf info; Greg Morgiel; Jana Astanov
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT

Dear Filippo,

I’ve responded to your request not because of playing in casual football tournament (that i can do at home – there are planty of kind everywhere), but because you invited for the 3 Sided Football event (no difference how it was enlisted: tournament, championship, world cup etc.). Sorry to remind to you that 3SF was born not from football as such, but out of Silkeborg Interpretation as followed from Copenhagen Interpretation and in its essence is all about experimentation. 3SF is different from football just because it has nothing to do with sports as specialization and itself it is a critique of that specialization. So, if you want to organize football tournaments it is better not to use 3SF…

I’ve responded to your request because I know some people from the list of addresses above – SOF is included – they actually were present in majority of events, disputes and  movements where 3SF was involved during the last decade. And i fully agree on SOF arguments that your strict demand for clear affiliation to name, kit and anthem is closer to nationalism than to working class solidarity…

So far we apearently never met in none of those 3SF events in Alytus in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, neither in Silkeborg in 2014, nor in London in 2016, or Kassel in 2017… and probably there were many events i was not even aware of them – Madrid is a case to continue developing of 3SF together instead of trying to canonize it into a stuck structure. Sorry, but 3SF is about playing and including, but not about excluding by calling things you don’t like nonsense or bullshit.

And, of course, I always respected the rules – main rule of 3SF – the ball should be round. Even i loved your idea about burning ball which is still round…. and it fits well with my vision to play 3SF with black hole instead of a ball… or at least to try to do it with a fireball… sorry if it looks like a joke (I was actually warned that you are a person who never even smiles, but I never paid to it too much attention).

What’s about responsibility – its important not to harm any living being, to respect living, dead, productive, non-productive, psychic, reproductive and even destructive labor and not to care about such abstractions as capital (I think it is hardly attainable in casual football), but it is hard to be responsible for somebodies’ imagination … if we should worry of being responsible of it at all?

very bests/redas

and here is my telephone number – hope those numbers will soften the fear of the unknown:

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, 3:04:56 PM GMT+3, Fabian wrote:

Hi Filippo,

I am very upset that you have sent such a provocative email.

If you do not wish to deal with nonsense, then I would suggest you refrain from producing it yourself.

SOF coaching team:

There is only one quite pressing issue, which has delayed me in responding to you for so many days, namely all players are threatening to take strike action over an unsatisfactorily resolved industrial dispute regarding the production of their shirts.

This is an issue of working class solidarity, and such issues are always serious.


This is a football tournament. We will play football. If you come with other purposes, situationism, strike or other bullshit, please stay at home.

I would be grateful if you would retract this request.
all the best,


On 19 May 2018 at 12:29 Filippo Maria Ricci wrote:


This is a very important message.
We don’t know each other and after the messages from Redas and from SOF (you find it here, below) received yesterday it’s vital to understand what we’re aiming for in Madrid. I’m worried. If you’re joking, it’s not funny. It you’re serious, back off.

I’m putting a big effort in organizing this, lots of money and lots lots lots of time. I have no sponsor and no one is helping here. The venue (500 euros), the goals (240 euros), the insurance (180 euros), the balls (60 euros), the cup, the permission of the municipality are only some of the things I’m taking care of.

I’m the correspondent of Gazzetta dello Sport in Spain and father of 3: let’s say that I have a few things to do in my life. I had the idea to organize this cause I like 3SF and I’m passionate about it. But I’m not ready to deal with this nonsense.

This is a football tournament. We will play football. If you come with other purposes, situationism, strike or other bullshit, please stay at home.

You can’t take the piss on other teams and people who travel and expect to participate in a nice tournament in an international environment.

This email of SOF is not even signed. I replied asking who wrote it and got no reply. Others have taken ages to reply and someone is still pending. We need respect here, I’m seriously tempted to cancel everything but I don’t want to let other people down.

Please be responsible.

I want a phone contact of those who are coming, specially Redas and this mystery SOF (New Cross are also missing), if I don’t get it before tonight the tournament will be cancelled.

Take care


Hi Filippo,

Speaking from the position of the SOF coaching team, I can vouch for our presence. We will stay in central Madrid, in Calle de Barbieri, flying in Thursday eveningand departing Monday. The team shirts are multi-coloured. The team name is SOF (serious organised football).

There is only one quite pressing issue, which has delayed me in responding to you for so many days, namely all players are threatening to take strike action over an unsatisfactorily resolved industrial dispute regarding the production of their shirts. Whilst English law prohibits secondary strike action, as you will no doubt be aware, supporting other workers in their primary action is by now, in many EU countries, considered legal under certain conditions, exceptions being Latvia, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (and of course the UK). In Spain its legality has to be established on a case-by-case basis. The team are using this loophole to threaten action and under current law they are unfortunately under no obligation to inform me of their intent to strike prior to the commencement of any action. Therefore it might be wise if you were able to supply 5 stand-in players to take their place, should they refuse to participate.

All the best,


On 18 May 2018, at 15:52, Redas Dirzys  wrote:

Hi Filippo and all 3SFers,

after banning the non-human-workers (ie oxen team) from the event we at abracadabra had some daubts about our presence in it but finaly we decided to come and face it… especially as Filippo fairly noted – no situationism to be found in Madrid! – we fully agree – the hacienda must be burnt!

so far our team is multiply fractioned’n’merged – we are coming as:

el abra cadáver (5+1 players),
kit colour – burnt letter/(n)umber;
anthem – psykick letter burning ceremony (v. important and solemn ceremony in psykick worker’s materialist spirituality, must be respected).

we got a place to stay and will appear in Av. Plaza de Toros, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid at appointed time.

would be great to know other teams to come – seems not too much of “world”, but anyway we are coming to play exactly for the world (dead human, non-human and more-then-human workers of the world) and not for the cup so the name “world cup” for the event still fits well.

see you all very soon!
the venue – it’s fantastic! thanks, Filippo!

r.///el abra cadáver

On Friday, May 11, 2018, 5:33:40 PM GMT+3, Filippo Maria Ricci  wrote:

Hi all,

I can confirm you that the tournament will be held in the Plaza de Toros of San Sebastián de Los Reyes, a few kms from Madrid. Tube station in front.

This is the place.

See you soon,






Today, on the anniversary of the attack on the Gweagal clan by British imperial forces at the first contact with the Aboriginal Australian people, we demand the return of the looted Gweagal spears now held by Trinity College Cambridge

Reclaiming the spear, reactivating this vital moment in history, in one of the most significant spots of bourgeois control in england, this decolonisation, degentrification, reclaiming the commons, is what we are engaged in at this moment.




Protest at MAA and Trinity

12pm, Saturday 4th November 2017
Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Cambridge, Downing Street, CB2 3DZ

Join us in protest outside the Museum where we will hold a
demonstration, followed by a march to Trinity College. You are
encouraged to bring instruments, loud-hailers and percussion for music, speeches and chanting!


Seminar at Pembroke College

7pm, Tues 31st Oct, 2017
Old Library, Pembroke College, Cambridge CB2 1RF

Attend the seminar at the University to join Rodney Kelley giving a presentation on the Gweagal Spears. Learn about the history of the artefacts held at the MAA and the British Museum as well as the plans for their return and subsequent use as living artefacts to increase the education and emancipation of their original owners.





Download flyer here: GweagalVTrinity-4Nov-flyer

Campaign website:

HEX in the Park

HEX in the Park Artists Against Over-Development

Halloween 31st October 2017
When the veil is thinnest between worlds…
Time: 12pm-1.30pm
Place: Finsbury Leisure Centre, 1 Norman Street, EC1V 3PU.

Join us for a cloaked coven procession of 13, perform a ritual hexing and protecting of land and sunlight from the plague of overdevelopment in EC1. Hexing the development sites of St Luke’s Housing Area and The Denizen. Followed by a spell to protect the trees, open-space and sunlight of St Luke’s Gardens and Fortune Park from the darkness of over-development.